Whether you choose to work at home or within a large company, the appearance of your office can play a major role in your success and work ethic. The problem of the OPSF deficit was in part related to the highly political nature of oil prices, which encouraged government to defer price increases as much as possible in order to avoid public protest even at the expense of incurring a fiscal deficit. However, government mismanagement of the fund also included using it for non-oil purposes such as financing other government projects or the public sector deficit when it was in surplus (Pilapil 1996, p.12). Traditionally, Section 242 had been primarily invoked against police officers and prison guards. The Lanier case arose from allegations of sexual misconduct against the sole state Chancery Court judge for two rural counties in western Tennessee, David Lanier. The trial record shows that from 1989 to 1991, while Lanier was in office, he sexually assaulted several women in his judicial chambers. In the recent pasts in our country it becomes phenomena that the attitudes and behaviours of the politicians and elected persons and the actions of political parties, their way of functioning organisations and the modes of campaigns dilute the concept and philosophy of democracy. We see and experience the news of muscle power, money power and worthless propagandas being publicised as the means and ways. The committing of large scale false promises by the candidates and political parties are visible in their election rallies and manifestoes. The incurring huge amount of money in election is also the fact. After election, the practices of unnecessary and unreasonable horse trading has also increased year to year and term to term. After formation of the government, both in Parliament and in the State Assemblies also, it has been demonstrated that the Houses are seen violating norms, practices, rules of procedures, making of unnecessary allegations, exaggerations, false, flimsy, frivolous and wrongful statements charging against each other. Rather many members are witnessed to speak derogatory and outrageous charges and statements against their political opponents. 59. Q. Graeber and K. Goaman, ‘The Anarchist Travelling Circus: Reflections on Contemporary Anarchism, Anti-capitalism and the International Scene’, in J. Purkis and J. Bowen (Eds), Changing Anarchism: Anarchist Theory and Practice in a Global Age (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2004), pp. 164-180, p. 165. The rebel’s weapon is the proof of his humanity. For in the first days of the revolt you must kill: to shoot down a European is to kill two birds with one stone, to destroy an oppressor and the man he oppresses at the same time: there remain a dead man, and a free man; the survivor, for the first time, feels a national soil under his foot. At this moment the Nation does not shrink from him; wherever he goes, wherever he may be, she is; she follows, and is never lost to view, for she is one with his liberty.

The colonial and apartheid legal orders, concentrated on the legalised subordination and oppression of black people. Blackness was stigmatised. Social amenities and legal services were segregated. Black communities were given very inferior legal services. Traditional courts and institutions were marginalised and underdeveloped. In many respects they were subverted to assist colonial and apartheid rule. Customary and religious laws that affected black communities were ignored or corrupted. The next day, CNT’s regional committee declared a general strike The CNT controlled the majority of the city, including the heavy artillery on the hill of Montjuïc overlooking the city. CNT militias disarmed more than 200 members of the security forces at their barricades, allowing only CNT vehicles to pass through. 33 After unsuccessful appeals from the CNT leadership to end the fighting, the government began transferring Assault Guard from the front to Barcelona, and even destroyers from Valencia. On 5 May, the Friends of Durruti issued a pamphlet calling for “disarming of the paramilitary police… dissolution of the political parties…” and declared “Long live the social revolution! – Down with the counter-revolution!”, though the pamphlet was quickly denounced by the leadership of the CNT. 34 The next day, the government agreed to a proposal by the leadership of the CNT-FAI that called for the removal of the Assault Guards and no reprisals against libertarians that had participated in the conflict in exchange for the dismantling of barricades and end of the general strike. However, neither the PSUC nor the Assault Guards gave up their positions and according to historian Antony Beevor “carried out violent reprisals against libertarians”. 35 By 8 May, the fighting was over. mens rea (menz ray-ah) Latin for a guilty mind”; mens rea is used to describe a culpable state of mind, the criminal intent of the individual when committing an criminal act. For some crimes, this intent must have been present for a person to be guilty of the crime. This paper is dedicated to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFR Yugoslavia, hereafter Yugoslavia), 2 a country that was known for its unique system of ‘market socialism’. The law of property governs the ownership of and the rights in property. This includes land and buildings, and intellectual property such as trademarks, patents and copyright. Trial by Jury – Trial by a body of persons selected from the citizens of a particular district and brought before the court where they are sworn to try one or more questions of fact and determine them by their verdict.