Criminal law, also known as penal law is a term used to refer to different rule bodies in distinct jurisdictions. In the first half of the 19th century, early socialist thinkers like Henri de Saint-Simon, Robert Owen and Charles Fourier presented their own models for reorganizing society along the lines of cooperation and community, rather than the competition inherent in capitalism, where the free market controlled the supply and demand of goods. To distinguish itself from Communism, European Socialists describe themselves as ‘Democratic Socialists’ (not to be confused with Socialist Democrats) e.g. Social Democrats is a form of Liberalism (similar to Democrats in the USA). Genealogy, in MLM speak, means the relation between you, your upline, and your downline. Thus, this “platform” that Mr. Budd referred to, “MarketVision”, is probably something developed by Direct Sales Software Inc. (same building), and probably also used by bHIP and LaCore Enterprises (same building) to run their MLM business. Political parties exist in order to contribute to the organisation and expression of the will of the people, with respect for the principles of national independence, the unity of the state and political democracy. As far as India is concerned, as long as around seventy-five percent of the population is engaged in agriculture, the unbearable economic plight of the people will continue. Any country confronted with such circumstances will find it very difficult to meet its domestic and international responsibilities. The purchasing capacity of the people will keep decreasing, while economic disparity will go on increasing. The social, economic and political environment of the whole country will degenerate. India is a clear example of all these evils. Changes evolved slowly; even in the middle of the 14th century, under Edward III, there could be close collaboration between the Court of King’s Bench and the King’s Council. A third common law court of justice, the Court of Exchequer, eventually emerged as the financial business of the Royal Household was split off to a specialist group of officials. Restoration – This is a victim-oriented theory of punishment. The goal is to repair, through state authority, any injury inflicted upon the victim by the offender. For example, one who embezzles will be required to repay the amount improperly acquired. Restoration is commonly combined with other main goals of criminal justice and is closely related to concepts in the civil law , i.e., returning the victim to his or her original position before the injury. Good criminal lawyers are well versed with the important legal rules and also familiar with the various court customs and procedures. The also have the skill to understand the ‘hidden costs’ in a plea bargain. They also garner some information from the prosecution witnesses.

Common law is a venerable system with roots that precede the existence of the state. The Anglo-American common law can be traced back to the local courts of Anglo-Saxon villages, long before there was an English king. For many centuries, the common law system had authority independent of the king, but eventually the common law system was absorbed into the (previously separate) legal system of the state. As a country, we have embraced many social programs. Even Republicans are supportive of the major social programs, albeit not as much as Democrats, and they also want to cut benefits to a certain degree, but the programs are here to stay. We have become a social democracy without even knowing or acknowledging it. The fact is that’s okay. It helps us take care of our sick, elderly, destitute citizens, while preserving the economic engine that is capitalism. What has happened to the republican party of the 30s, 40s and 50s? It does not exist. The most conservative of conservatives today is far more liberal and to the left of Franklin Roosevelt himself. The Republicans had to move towards embracing the ideals of social engineering or become irrelevant as a political force. As soon as the New Deal” became a part of the American conscience, the liberals raised the heat. It was time for Johnson’s Great Society”. The war on poverty gave unending waves of warm fuzzies to Christians of all stripes. The democrats secured a death grip on all political power so what did the Republicans do? Again they had to adapt or become more irrelevant than they were already. Capitalism (capital investors)is cannibalism which feeds on entrepreneur,worker(blue or white collar),smaller private and public business. Enormous and mobile capital effects the national economy to the determent of smaller capitalist,and worker. The loss of job or business lie at the foot of those you admire for ambition,competition, and hard work. Consent Decree – An agreement of parties to a lawsuit, based upon stipulated facts, which is sanctioned by the court. In cases where you have no access to the net or if you are not net savvy, try using the yellow pages for your queries. They will have a list of locations that you can zero in on. If you want to save the effort of browsing through the yellow pages, then use the just dial services provided by the yellow pages these days. They will be able to serve you in a matter of minutes or even seconds by giving you all the information regarding the office depot store near you. The Republicans have put their credibility on the line. Death panels. Killing granny. Crashing the economy. For years, conservatives have hurled the most dire predictions. Just as when Ronald Reagan once said that Medicare would wreck the United States: “One of these days we are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.” What happens if Obamacare does provide the deliverables—as the policy wonks say—that millions of Americans want? GOPers will be tagged as liars—or, at least, fear mongering, truth-defying spinners—who cannot be trusted.

Those are the benefits of Obamacare – the law that Republicans want to repeal. Although it’s interesting – when you ask Republicans whether they’d repeal the benefits I just mentioned, when you say to them, well, do you think it’s the right thing to do to let young people stay on their parents’ plans so they can keep insurance, or do you want to prevent seniors from getting more discounts on their prescription drugs, then they’ll say, no, no, no, we like those. Those things are okay. (Laughter.) So they don’t like Obamacare in theory, but some of the component parts, at least those that poll well, they don’t mind. Each question contains a statement which, depending on what your philosophy is, should elicit a different response to the choices provided. For example, If I asserted that “Capitalism is a good thing”, conservatives and most liberals will agree while some liberals and socialists will tend not to agree; there would be a response for each. Slovenia has had a much more successful and smoother transition, pursuing a model based on gradualism and continuity, adopting institutional features built on the previous experience rather than radically breaking with the past, thus preserving some of the advantages of the previous economic system. However, Slovenia had political stability – the main precondition for positive outcomes, not present in the other countries. 86 Judith Herman, ‘The Mental Health of Crime Victims: Impact of Legal Intervention’ (2003) 16(2) Journal of Traumatic Stress 159, 159. Note that most of the research exploring victim distress and secondary victimisation from the criminal trial process has focused on victims of sexual offences. There is a relative lack of data on whether secondary victimisation occurs in other cases, especially non-violent offences. The recommendations of the ALRC are presently being considered by the Commonwealth Attorney-General and the Law Council looks forward to working with the Australian Government to ensure client legal privilege is upheld and applied uniformly in all jurisdictions. Great info last year my elder son was studying the history,political and relief features of America and I wondered how people were making so much information is news to me. Writ of Superintending Control – A writ issued to prevent a gross miscarriage of justice by correcting the erroneous ruling of a lower court that is acting within its jurisdiction but is making mistakes of law or is acting in willful disregard of the law. The writ is issued when there is no appeal or when an appeal cannot provide adequate relief.