• Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

To Rent Office Equipment Or To Own?


Sep 23, 2020 ,

As Jenny Hocking and Colleen Lewis argue in Whitlam and Modern Labor – It’s Time Again a landmark title from Circa publishing, to dismiss Whitlamism as mere nostalgia fails to recognize that it is not a yearning for the past but a concern for the present which causes progressive thinkers to look to the “brief outbreak of social democracy” from 1972 to 1975 in search of inspiration. As for revisiting the antitrust laws, that can’t be put back in the tube. Besides, the government is powerless against these super global monopolies. They couldn’t do it to AIG in 2008, and the government had leverage then. The criminal procedural law provides for the defense of the accused. However, due to the structure of the PRC’s government and its organs, there is little balance in cases where it should theoretically be present. While I don’t agree with many of your assertions I do believe Obama has his own agenda that has nothing to do with the middle class. The stock assertion with banks is not going to happen. If you understand how the Private Bank (i.e. Federal Reserve) works you should know that the privately held banks are already secretly owned. The Government doesn’t need to convert shares of stock to have any influence. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find out who owns what because the owners are protected by Corporate Law. This is not so much about what Obama is doing to shift to socialism, it’s about money and World Government. The middle class is already a slave class to the credit markets. Since a free market empowers the individual, companies are forced to discover ways to meet the myriad wants of every person, whereas in socialism the only thing you get is what your “class” wants and needs. Various large parts of this Ideology are identical to Socialism and Fascism, including the ideas that the use of courts, bureaucracies—even the police and military—should be used to accomplish goals that would never be approved by a Democracy or a Republic (such as The United States of America under its current Constitution). Some people are just confused. They don’t even know what socialism stands for. Democratic socialism is something that may sound good but does not work. Bernie Sanders wants you to believe Denmark is the model of democratic socialism. The Danish prime minister said they are not a socialist country. They do have high taxes and provide a safety net for all their citizens. That is a form of government charity, not government owned and controlled of the mechanism of production. Those are very different things. Instruction – At the close of a jury trial, the explanation given by the judge to the jury concerning the laws pertaining to the case and the application of the laws to the facts of the case. The progress made by neo-capitalism, particularly in Europe, where imperialism is adopting preferential investments, encouraging the development of a privileged proletariat and thus lowering the revolutionary level of the working classes; the open or concealed neocolonial position of some European states which, like Portugal, still have colonies; the so-called policy of ‘aid for undeveloped countries’ adopted by imperialism with the aim of creating or reinforcing native pseudo-bourgeoisies which are necessarily dependent on the international bourgeoisie, and thus obstructing the path of revolution.