Oh the joy of working from home. Essentially, the American revolution was a businessman’s revolution and it took a long time for ordinary people to even get a vote. Civil lawis1) the legal system developed from Roman codified law; 2) the area of the law concerned with non-criminal matters. Although many political scientists accept the proposition that democracies rarely, if ever, go to war with one another, several critics have challenged claims of a democratic peace. By the late 1990s, proponents and critics of the democratic peace were engaged in a vigorous and sometimes heated debate. 73 Participants on both sides claimed that their opponents had been blinded by ideology and refused to view the evidence objectively. 74 Because of this intense and ongoing controversy, establishing the case for the democratic peace now requires rebutting some of the most prominent criticisms. What I find so interesting about James’ series on socialism is that it seems everything socialism does is an atrocity, and apparently unregulated capitalism can do no wrong. As the public continues to hurt from surging oil prices, many policy makers call to re-examine the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998. One of whom, is Ilocos Sur Rep. Eric Singson who has sought several amendments in the said law to ensure transparency in the pricing of oil products and encourage greater competition in the retail industry, which has been under the influence of giant oil companies. He cited the need to amend Sections 14 and 15 of RA 8479 to strengthen the powers of the Department of Energy (DOE) so it can effectively carry out its mandate to inform and protect the public from illicit practices in the oil industry and to provide more financial assistance for the establishment and operation of gasoline stations, which will encourage investment and fair competition (Malacanang 2005). a government-appointed, impartial person who considers the arguments presented during a formal legal proceeding and decides the outcome of the matter. A judge in a court is a kind of adjudicator, but the title Adjudicator” is most often used in less formal, specialized tribunal hearings, where matters such as employment, human rights and immigration and refugee issues are decided. The Russian people did as they were told, which until Hitler stabbed Stalin in the back, and Stalin said otherwise, was to remian an ally of Nazi Germany. This duplicity was noted by George Orwell, himself a Socialist, who observed that many of those on the Far Left would have been equally comfortable on the Far Right if it paid better.

Company law is concerned with the formation and regulation of companies and corporations, which are separate legal persons from the individuals who own them (usually by acquiring shares in the capital value of the company), known as ‘members’, and those who manage and direct their activities, known as ‘directors’. When a company’s debts exceed its income and capital it becomes insolvent, and may be put into administration or, eventually, wound up altogether. There may be claims by different classes of creditor and regulatory proceedings may be taken against the directors. Company law covers all these matters. Anarchism began its life as a philosophical reaction to the oppressive growth of early capitalism. Essentially rooted in liberal, enlightenment thought, anarchism’s social basis lay in the small craft and artisanal classes—what Marx called the petty bourgeoisie, then being eradicated with the growth of industrialism. The anarchist Albert Metzler agrees with Marx’s assessment of anarchism’s birth. This was the backdrop to the rise of the German National Socialist Workers’ Party (NSDAP). When it was founded in 1920, it was only a small party. But Hitler used his oratory talent to attract more and more members. The party was characterised by extreme nationalism and antisemitism. The above comparison provides an approximate outline of the similarities and differences between Structuralism and Post Structuralism – though it should be noted that such generalizations about a philosophical movement as diverse as Post Structuralism are only that, generalizations, and many of the eminent thinkers categorized by American academia as Post Structuralists” claimed it was not a label they accepted for themselves. The boundary between Post Modernism and Post Structuralism, however, is a somewhat less stark affair. Post Modernism and Post Structuralism share an affinity in that both serve as critiques of positivism.” (Stockman 1984). Another commonality is that both …theoretical perspectives…reject presuppositionless representation, arguing explicitly that such representation is both politically undesirable and philosophically impossible.” (Agger 1991:105). The United States of America is a constitutional democratic republic. Minor offences, such as speeding, are heard by Magistrates’ Courts. Many towns in England and Wales have their own Magistrates’ Court, where cases are heard by three magistrates. Magistrates do not need any legal qualifications, and they are advised by a Clerk, who is a qualified lawyer. Magistrates do not state reasons for their decisions.