In the common law system which is used in the legal systems such as Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia there is a very important principle of the criminal law which has existed in the legal systems of these countries from the time that is was first developed in the original England common law system. Sorry but none of the problem listed here are socialist by definition. These are not intrinsic faults with the socialist system and many can be fix by a democratic socialist system. Corruption for example is much less a problem with the threat of elections. But during the 1980s, the housing market was increasingly set up for failure, with a tripling of foreclosure rates in the decade. Deregulation meant that large corporations were freed from laws designed to protect consumers, although it also meant that the government would step back into the picture to protect these businesses from failure or accusations of fraud or corruption. For all intents and purposes, deregulation meant giving politically connected businesses free rein to prey upon Americans with no potential for public backlash against such practices. Most generally, communism refers to community ownership of property, with the end goal being complete social equality via economic equality. Communism is generally seen by communist countries as an idealized utopian economic and social state that the country as a whole is working toward; that is to say that pure communism is the ideal that the People’s Republic of China is (was?) working toward. Such an ideal often justifies means (such as authoritarianism or totalitariansim) that are not themselves communist ideals. If we talk about the criminal laws in gulf countries then the picture is totally different. The laws are very strict with regard to the execution of punishments. In gulf countries, the criminal laws are majorly governed by the Islamic code of conduct or ‘Shariat’ and there is no subject of any kind of amendments. In the United Kingdom, criminal acts are majorly considered as crime against the entire community. And, moreover, the state in addition to different international organizations plays a major role for crime prevention and deal with convicted offenders. The criminal laws vary across the world, but the basic of most of these laws is based on one prime rule to punish the culprit. 1.8.7 There are various vehicles for the setting up of legal practices and cooperative alliances amongst the law firms. Apart from the erstwhile sole proprietorships and partnerships, the legal profession has also seen the creation of the law corporation with the associated benefits of limited liability as well as limited liability partnerships. Singapore law firms are entitled to employ appropriately qualified foreign lawyers to practise law subject to certain criteria, including appropriate qualifications, expertise and experience and the areas of legal practice of the lawyer and the law firm.