Canadian Military Missions Since WW2 By Delores Woodley

Clive Hamilton’s Quarterly Essay, “What’s Left? Throughout Tom Porter’s And Grandma Said… Iroquois Teachings as Passed down through the Oral Tradition, Porter uses firsthand accounts of students of the IBSM to reinforce his argument that the IBSM greatly altered Haudenosaunee women’s roles by displacing traditional longhouse teachings from Haudenosaunee society. Porter argues that the resulting change in gender roles among Haudenosaunee populations reflects the intended assimilation of Native American populations by the Federal Government of the United States.Porter uses stories of Haudenosaunee oral tradition recounting the importance of women on political and spiritual levels to provide insight into the role women played in Haudenosaunee culture before the cultural loss experienced during the IBSM. 1 Due to the loss of traditional Haudenosaunee cultural knowledge resulting from the training of female students for domestic vocations 2 in IBSM schools often operated by Christian religious clergy, 3 Porter attributes this loss to the … Read the rest