Twelve Things Debaters Should Know About Law

As lawyers know, legal systems in countries around the world generally fall into one of two main categories: common law systems and civil law systems. a) The Short Process Courts and Mediation in Certain Civil Cases Act, 1991(Act 103 of 1991) ensure greater access to legal services and to keep the cost of litigation down while speeding up the resolution of civil cases. The presiding officer is referred to as the adjudicator. An adjudicator has the same powers as a magistrate. The court may take any steps on request of the parties to ensure a speedy and cost-saving resolution of the dispute. It can also abandon the application of the rules of evidence. Legal representatives may appear on behalf of the parties. No appeal is allowed against the court’s judgment, but the institution on review proceedings is possible. America became the engine of empire for the Atlantic community, Europe and … Read the rest