Common Legal Terms

It is not difficult to describe how ancient Greek democracy worked. Socialism would do away with taxes. Since those in charge would control all revenue there will be no need to ask for anything from the citizenry, other than their labor and obedience. Socialism might even work if God ran it with the help of his angels. But men are not angels. An effective manager in a Socialist economy is a dictator over other men, not a boss of men, and the temptation will be great for men holding such power. This is an extrordinary collection of the history of collectivism! These are great examples of how criminals and con men cleverly expliot the character flaws and weaknesses of people to gain power over them. They seem to employ different tactic’s to fit the country and culture of those who would be their victims. The current choice of law rules … Read the rest

Glossary Of Legal Terms

There are many excellent reasons why a company would choose to provide coffee for its employees, customers and clients, but can you really save money using a coffee service? In 1961, Castro proclaimed Cuba a Socialist” country. He urged the Soviets to launch a nuclear strike against America, and was fully prepared to sacrifice his entire nation for the triumph of worldwide Socialism.” The Soviets didn’t do it, but in appreciation they did give Castro ten billion dollars. Substantive criminal law details the definition of, and punishments for, various crimes. Your commitment towards studying and researching this topic has really paid off in this hub. In your part on Domestic terrorist acts against American Muslims you did a fantastic job in gathering the whole picture by listing numerous events where many people would have made a sweeping generalization from a few arbitrary case studies. These examples back up all of … Read the rest