Going green at home is something everyone who watches television has probably heard plenty about. Indonesia is marred with corruption as if it has become part of the “culture”. Indonesia ranks 34th by the 2014 World Corruption Perception Index. It’s even below some African countries such as Nigeria, Zambia and Trinidad. If you compare that to Denmark, which was ranked number 1 as a nation with the lowest perception of corruption, Indonesia still has a long way to go. There is almost zero confidence among the public for government officials and law-makers. On a brighter note though, Governor Basuki has somewhat shown progress in eradicating corruption via the use of innovative technological ideas, transparency and bureaucracy overhaul (see my previous article, “Jakarta Governor Basuki T.Purnama and His Social Programs”). Lenin defined himself as a Socialist until he seized power in Russia, after which he was a self-described Communist. Each person … Read the rest