Nearly 1 Million American Rifles. Banned By A Stroke Of Barack Obama

Many people become lawyers because they see injustices in the world and they want to make a difference. Despite retaining a communist one-party political regime throughout its existence (1945 – 1991), Yugoslavia was the first socialist country to attempt far-reaching economic reforms. Because of its early start and frequency of systemic changes, it was considered the most reformed socialist economy. For over forty years, Yugoslavia has tried to develop its own model of socialism based on workers’ self-management, ample decentralisation, social ownership and increasing reliance on the market mechanism. The continuous experiments with economic reforms produced an economic system with specific characteristics based on a combination of socialist, self-managed and market features, facilitated by the country’s international relations. Another distinctive feature of Yugoslavia was that the socialist model was not imposed from the outside, as in most East European countries that after 1945 became ‘satellites’ of the Soviet Union, but … Read the rest