Health Care Reform Vs. Unemployment By Dan Balke

India is a democratic country with sovereign socialist secular parliamentary form of government. 4 Nancy Shoemaker, An Aliance beween Men: Gender Metaphors in Eighteenth Century American Indian Diplomacy East of the Mississippi” Ethnohistory. 46:2 (Spring 1999):244. Access to ILO Databases at the International Labour Organization. The ILO’s main databases include: Labordoc, the library’s catalogue; ILOLEX database on international labour standards; LABORSTA database of labour statistics covering the economically active population, employment, unemployment, wages and related variables; NATLEX information on national laws including labour, social security and related human rights issues; ATLAS information system. We have seen capitalism when it is unrestricted. The financial collapse of 2008 was a direct result of the reckless and unregulated nature of our economy. Ayn Rand’s prodigy, Alan Greenspan (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), even admitted after the collapse that he was wrong. Our economy could not self-regulate. The human need for greed is … Read the rest