Introduction To Courts

Many people have shown done case studies on the Office Supply Industry and there has been literally an over kill of white papers, research and even books written on the issue. Alford Doctrine: A plea in a criminal case in which the defendant does not admit guilt, but agrees that the state has enough evidence against him or her to get a conviction. Allows the defendant to enter into a plea bargain with the state. If the judge accepts the Alford Plea, a guilty finding is made on the record. Frenchman Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin was one of the most fabled illusionists of all-time. If you think his name sounds familiar that could very well be due to the fact that a certain aspiring escape artist from Budapest named Erik Weisz so idolized the man that he adopted the stage name of Harry Houdini. Napoleon III in 1856 impressed by the … Read the rest