Anarchism And Syndicalism In The Colonial And Postcolonial World, 1870

I’ve written at length about what I see as the biggest need in the United States today: renewing limited government. Negligence in these circumstances comes under the classification of civil law. It is likely that Catherine may be able to claim some monetary compensation for the shock she received and the illness she suffered. You may have reached this conclusion just by thinking about the facts of the case and deciding that a manufacturer of a soft drink, such as lemonade, has a responsibility to make sure that their product reaches the general public in a condition that is fit to drink. You may have also thought that Catherine should have checked her glass before drinking the lemonade. This refusal, along with the failure to open an integrated public school in 1966, was seen as part of white New York’s thwarting of integration,” which in turn fueled a Black turn … Read the rest