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Dec 26, 2019

As a think tank coordinator, myself and our group come up with endless potential business start-up ideas, technologies, service company entrepreneurial exploits and new business models. A further critical examination of the LMF literature from the point of view of Yugoslavia’s experience was undertaken by M. Uvalić (1992), who provided empirical evidence to illustrate why the Yugoslav economy was more similar to the socialist economy than to the labour-managed economy depicted by Western scholars. This is because the literature on the LMF was prevalently based on a hypothetical labour-managed economy operating in a free market economy, but such an environment never actually existed in Yugoslavia given frequent government interventions in the economy and imperfections of both the labour and capital market. Despite self-management and reliance on the market mechanism, Yugoslavia had retained many features typical of other countries in Eastern Europe. Another form of right-wing politics is Capitalism. Most forms of right-wing political parties put ‘Capitalism’ at the heart of their politics (political policy); and most Democratic Socialist Parties also incorporate ‘capitalism’ into their policies; whereas Communism doesn’t. South Africa needs a system of justice, both criminal and civil justice, including family care and the administration of estates, that gives an equal and user friendly service to everybody. Third, it is not clear what forms of government the United States should support instead of democracy. Zakaria believes the United States should “encourage the gradual development of constitutional liberalism across the globe.” 127 Most proponents of promoting democracy would agree that this is a worthy goal, but it is hard to promote liberalism without promoting democracy. There are few contemporary examples of liberal countries that are not democracies. Zakaria cites Hong Kong under British rule as an example, but this experience of a liberal imperial power engaging in a rather benign authoritarian rule over a flourishing free-market economy has already ended and is unlikely to be repeated. Earlier historical examples of liberal nondemocracies include Britain in the early 19th century, and possibly other European constitutional monarchies of that century. As Marc Plattner and Carl Gershman of the National Endowment for Democracy point out, none of the examples is a “practical vision” for the 21st century. 128 Zakaria praises East Asian countries on the grounds that they “have accorded their citizens a widening sphere of economic, civil, religious and limited political rights,” and suggests that they, much like Western countries around 1900, are on the road to liberty. 129 But most observers-including some East Asians-would argue that these countries have curtailed political liberties (and sometimes bragged about it in the debate over “Asian values”) and are hardly a model of liberalization that the United States should encourage. Thus it is difficult to see how Zakaria’s analysis can support a viable U.S. policy of supporting liberalism without also supporting democratic elections.

This service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Eight Hour Day 2006 marks the 150th anniversary of the Eight Hour Day in Victoria. Action taken by stonemasons on 21 April 1856 led to the establishment and maintenance of the Eight Hour Day, recognised internationally as a world first. The website contains news and announcements of a series of events to mark the anniversary, a history of the eight hours day, fact sheets and other resources. Party – A person, business, organization or government agency involved in the prosecution or defense of a legal proceeding. Even in the USA you do not have unrestricted capitalism. The reason it is not unrestricted is because capitalists have proved they cannot be trusted. The democracy in which you operate has had to regulate some aspects of capitalism. There are laws about pollution, about product liability, Glass Steigal (repealed but likely to come back again), discrimination by gender or race, and freedom of speech. Admissible Evidence – Evidence that can be legally and properly introduced in a civil or criminal trial. The Supreme Court of Victoria is the highest court in Victoria and deals with serious criminal cases and complex civil cases. Commonwealth Crimes Act passed containing the most serious offences against the Commonwealth (eg treason) which carried the death penalty or committed by Commonwealth officers (eg divulging official secrets). It has been gradually superseded by the Criminal Code Act 1995. Summary Judgment – A decision made on the basis of statements and evidence presented for the record without a trial. It is used when there is no dispute as to the material facts of the case, and one party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. It is also designed for the national planning of the political agenda and economic services provided to the people. The central control of administration exercises the uniformed social development planning as to the national development programs of the state. syndicalism sĭn´dĭkəlĭzəm key , political and economic doctrine that advocates control of the means and processes of production by organized bodies of workers. Like anarchists, syndicalists believe that any form of state is an instrument of oppression and that the state should be abolished. Viewing the trade union as the essential unit of production, they believe that it should be the basic organizational unit of society. To achieve their aims, syndicalists advocate direct industrial action, e.g., the general strike , sabotage , slowdowns, and other means of disrupting the existing system of production. They eschew political action as both corruptive and self-defeating. The writings of Pierre Joseph Proudhon , with his attacks on property, and of Georges Sorel , who espoused violence, have influenced syndicalist doctrine. Syndicalism, like anarchism , has flourished largely in Latin countries, especially in France, where trade unionism was for years strongly influenced by syndicalist programs. Syndicalism began a steady decline after World War I as a result of competition from Communist unions, government suppression, and internal splits between the revolutionary anarcho-syndicalists and moderate reformers. In the United States the chief organization of the syndicalist type was the Industrial Workers of the World , which flourished early in the 20th cent. but was virtually extinguished after World War I.

American students are taught that profit is immoral, and activities involving economic risk are disparaged, as if gains made by the few winners among risk takers—the prospect of which makes the risks worth taking—are deserving of moral opprobrium. To employ a hundred people is called exploitation, but to command a hundred people as a bureaucrat somehow honorable. Capitalists are despised if they win, and despised if they lose. The purpose of each is different. Criminal cases are brought to maintain law and order and to protect society. Civil cases are brought to uphold the rights of individuals and to provide redress. Books have been written to make these explanations far better than I that were rejected by publishers not because the book would not have been successful, but because the publisher deemed it unfit for publication” due to their own prejudices. This type of subtle censorship is typical of Socialists. 19 Marion E Brienen and Ernestine H Hoegen, Victims of Crime in 22 European Criminal Justice Systems (Wolf Legal Publishers, 2001) 39. So every democracy is a republic – but wingnuts have tried to rewrite the meaning of the word ‘republic’. Civil law is law that involves the enforcing of a person’s rights; it is concerned with behaviour between one person and another, and a remedy or compensation may be awarded if it is found that a person’s rights have been infringed, or breached. One common remedy asked for is damages (payment of money as compensation for financial loss or for suffering some other wrong). If you can come up with a system that allows individual the freedom to take chances and innovate and to make profits, and also, at the same time allow the government to over see a fair and balanced tax system where the public is taken care of in their basic needs and make the books balanced, then I may come out to support it. It is by design that this democracy is failing and many people choose to ignore it. There are those on both sides of the isle that espouse different philosophies as to the character of their parties but both answer to the same common denominator, MONEY! The government is bought by those who could directly benefit by the decisions our policy makers pass as law. So the topic should read “Failing democracy gives way to burgeoning oligarchy”. For practical purposes, the most significant distinction is between civil law and criminal law. Tupac quoted in an interview that “He could help change the world,” because he have a different mind-set about many things. Many people that are Tupac fans from the beginning, or Tupac fans after his death, do believe that Tupac has made a huge change in the world. This is especially due to the mind-set that he had, some of his thoughts had to be a gift from God above. His fans are not saying that Tupac said and did everything the right way, because he didn’t do and say everything right. No one can do everything the right way, humans are not perfect. Jesus the Christ is the only one that lived on earth in the human body that did everything and said everything right, he was and is perfect. All the rest of us can do is our part to make a loving-difference in society, and try to be more Christ-like.

The history of democracies, to maintain any type of freedom, is dismal. From the Greeks to Adolph Hitler to the US democracies and democratically elected politicians tend to become elitists and dictatorial. ‘As is said of democracies, “When the people realize that they can vote themselves money, the Republic will end.” and when the politician realizes that he can buy the vote with the peoples money the result is the same. Today, we see the murder of young boys and blacks, youth and elderly Africans in America, that in the end, there is not much that has changed, even with an African American President at the helm. America, in its history with African people here in America, has never treated them as equals, human and fairly. Business Reviews – Let our sales representatives help you identify savings opportunities. For example, many agencies have realized savings by purchasing remanufactured toner cartridges or Office Depot exclusive brand alternatives. A jury verdict that a criminal defendant is not guilty, or the finding of a judge that the evidence is insufficient to support a conviction. Technological society is distinguished from all previous societies by the very presence of high technology affecting every aspect of life from home, transportation, work, business, government to leisure and recreation. Technological democratic society is yet sharply distinguished from technological society by an essential and important component which is the principle of equality of opportunity. In simple description, there are three basic components forming the organic structure of technological democratic society: Individual, technology, and equality of opportunity. No one of these can provide for democracy without full employment of the other two. Definition of each component, for this purpose, is also different from the usual dictionary meaning of these terms. The most substantial analyzations of the theory and evaluations of the practice of prefigurative politics have focused on the following contexts: pre-WWII workers’ movements (Boggs 1977), the New Left (Breines 1980), the antinuclear movement (Epstein 1991), the alterglobalization movement (Maeckelbergh 2011 and Graeber 2014), the Egyptian revolution (van de Sande 2013), the Spanish Okupa movement (Yates 2014), and Occupy Wall Street (Schaffzin 2011). However, movements and organizations such as anarcho-syndicalism, the International Workers of the World, Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panthers, the Zapatista Liberation movement, the Argentinian worker run factory movement, Take Back the Land, ecofeminism, the LGBTQ movement, etc., all have prefigurative elements, either in the way the participants related to each other, the creation of counter-institutions, or the protest tactics employed.