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The term ‘civil law’ contrasts with both ‘common law’ and ‘criminal law’. In 1928, an international conference assembled to review the German reparations issue. This time the Germans participated and argued that the remaining payments were far beyond what Germany could pay. Chaired by an American corporation officer, Owen Young, the conference agreed on a plan of nearly 60 years of installments. The payments would be reduced at first and then gradually increase over time. Foreclosure: A court order ending the legal ownership of property. Germany is the largest country in terms of population in the European Union, as well as the most prosperous. It has the fourth largest economy in the world and one of the healthiest. During Merkel’s over ten years in the office, Germany has grown even more prosperous. However, as the leader of the most powerful country in the European Union, Merkel had to fight two severe crises. The first crisis was economic and was caused by the weakening of the euro as a result of Greece’s bankruptcy, while the second was a social and cultural crisis caused by the influx of Middle Eastern refugees to Europe. Some, especially those who think of themselves as conservative, think the above sentiment smacks of socialism. While there are some parallels with the role of government helping people to live better lives, there is a decided difference between socialism (and conservatism) and liberalism. And, that is liberalism’s focus on personal freedom and liberalism along with the idea that the government is a servant to the People; not the other way around which is the want of socialist and conservatives. Socialists in Germany and Italy first put into practice the ideas that they should decide all activities of the individual from the cradle to the grave, to guide his views on everything, to make all problems questions that only they should answer. The general position and income of each person should be decided by the state. Only as a member of a group capable of influencing those who exercised the coercive powers of the state could a person maintain or improve his position. Laws, then, are a tool people can use to make sure the ideals of democracy—like freedom and basic human rights—are maintained. To end a relationship, a common-law couple stops living together. However, legal obligations may have arisen during the relationship, particularly where the couple has children, or one partner has been dependent on the other. If the couple has a cohabitation agreement, they may already have decided what will happen upon separation. Since the Marital Property Act does not apply to the property of common-law couples, they may want to enter into a Separation Agreement to set out their rights and obligations to each other. The separation agreement can include the same things as a cohabitation agreement (ownership and division of property, and support arrangements), but it can also include provisions for the custody and access of the children. It is important that each person talks to a different lawyer to make sure the document reflects what they have agreed to.