Really, what is going on?  Barack Obama and Joe Biden know no American is for this.  Why are they so hell-bent on destroying the USA?

The Obama/Biden Administration moves on destroying the goodness in America and bankrupting it in the process.  As Americans sleep, Obama continues to change the country.  Poor people, with no skill sets, are being encouraged to come into our country as Democrats attempt to build a base of government-subsidized individuals to whom they plan to sell votes for unaffordable inefficient government programs.   Obama never understood that America was built on hard work, not handouts.

But they are charging ahead.  In San Antonio, renovations are in the works for housing illegal aliens who cross the border illegally and enter the US.  Instead of being shipped back to wherever they come from, massive facilities are being readied for their arrival and care.

According to KENS5 in San Antonio:

Nobody is saying when 2,400 migrant children will arrive in San Antonio seeking shelter, but the mad dash effort to transform an exhibit hall into a safe space for the kids continues in east San Antonio.

The trail of trucks full of supplies is almost constant at the Expo Hall known more for cows than kids. At the Bexar County Community Arenas complex, which is the home of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, the parking lot is jammed, as hundreds of people are involved in the effort to turn exhibit space into living and play space for children who are trying to find their way back to their families.

What does KENS5 mean by “these children are trying to find their way back to their families”?  This madness is why Americans were ready for a change after Barack Obama.  They never wanted this garbage insanity.  Never.

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