Today many people have home offices and this means that they are calling the shots and are the decision makers concerning every aspect of their business. Nothing could land a Vietnamese person in jail quicker than a public announcement that he or she will start a political party. The formation of any kind of political organization alone, like the Brotherhood of Democracy which involves dissident attorney Nguyen Van Dai, or the more recent Coalition for Vietnamese Self-Determination, would cost its members decades behind bars. Mortgage: An interest given on land, in writing, to guarantee the payment of a debt or the execution of some action. It automatically becomes void when the debt is paid or the action is executed. The person lending the money and receiving the mortgage is called the mortgagee; the person who concedes a mortgage as security upon his property is called a mortgagor. The three types of mortgage are a legal mortgage (involving a transfer of the legal interest in the property), an equitable mortgage (by depositing the title deeds) and a judgment mortgage (following a court judgment). Criminal law is the area of the law which deals with crimes and punishments. Zofia Hajkowicz-Brodzikowska – alias ‘Basia’ born 1913. Daughter of professor of mathematics at Technical High School of Wawelberg and Rotwand. Graduated secondary school in Warsaw. She was influenced by Wlodzimierz Bochenek, an activist of Zwiazek Mlodziezy Plskiej (Association of Polish Youth). After a year of studies at the State Institute of Theatrical Arts, moved to the High School of Journalism and graduated in 1938. From 1931 she was a member of Union of Polish Democratic Youth (ZPMD), and after the split in its left wing joined the break-away Stowarzyszenie Mlodziezy Syndykalistycznej (SMS: Syndicalist Youth Association). At the same time she was an activist of Anarchist Federation of Poland. 1938-39 she was a chairman of Youth Section in Workers Institute of Education and Culture and editor of its publications e.g. Through syndicalism to Poland. With her husband, Witold Brodzikowski, she took part in an anarcho-syndicalist propaganda group in ZZZ. In October 1939 she was an organizer of temporary mobilization centre for revolutionary syndicalists in Warsaw. In November 1939 she joined Union of Polish Syndicalists. From 1940 leader of Syndicalist Organization Freedom”. She was responsible for internal communication and contacts with other organizations e.g. Komitet Pomocy Zydom (Committee for Aid to Jews AKA Council to Aid Jews or Zegota). Also responsible for printing fake documents, weapon transportation, underground printing. She was arrested 23rd December 1943 while carrying arms on Koszykowa St. Warsaw. Probably betrayed by Major ‘Ketling’ from Polska Armia Ludowa (Polish Popular Army) who was accused after the war of collaborating with the Gestapo. She was tortured in Pawiak (infamous Nazi prison) committed suicide by hanging in January 1944.

H-Migration: H-Net Network on the Global History of Migration H-Migration is dedicated to enhancing scholarly communication about the global history of migration and the acculturation of immigrants and their descendants into their new society. After taking power, Hitler and the Nazis turned Germany into a dictatorship. Time and again, they used legal means to give their actions a semblance of legality. Step by step, Hitler managed to erode democracy until it was just a hollow facade. Things did not end there, though. During the twelve years that the Third Reich existed, Hitler continued to strengthen his hold on the country. Facts about the law and the legal process; general information about courts, procedures, and terminology. Beneath all the pundit-driven sound and fury here, it’s possible to discern a much older and far more serious debate, concerning just what kind of society, and political economy, should sustain the American democratic republic. In this long-running controversy, strictly economic considerations have been a dependent variable; its lead partisans and theorists have instead put political democracy and egalitarian citizenship first and asked what sort of economy best advances and supports these public virtues. The 1992 Constitution stipulates that the Standing Committee of the National Assembly has twelve tasks and powers. Among them are the powers to announce, convene and chair the National Assembly sessions, to interpret the constitution, laws and ordinances, and to issue ordinances on those matters assigned by the National Assembly. The Standing Committee of the National Assembly also supervises and guides the activities of the People’s Councils and directs, regulates and coordinates the activities of the Council of Ethnic Affairs and all Committees of the National Assembly. But CDA section 230 is often talked about as an immunity” Congress gave to online service providers, a carve‐​out from general liability rules, put in place to advance a certain public policy goal. The perception of CDA section 230 as a special‐​interest favor means that other interests are on relatively strong footing when they come to Congress seeking to overturn it. Today, CDA section 230 is under attack from groups who would like to see it reversed. The rule against liability for online service providers would be stronger if courts had arrived at a rule of no liability” based in considerations of natural justice. Family Law in BC website from Legal Services Society has a wide range of family law information from basic fact sheets to self-help kits to complete court forms.