There are currently two major political parties in the United States, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party. While not everyone adheres to every belief of their professed political party, the commonly held beliefs are as follows:


Republicans prefer a small federal government that performs only the functions expressly provided for in the constitution. They believed that the federal government should take care of the national defense, print money, and mobilize the military. They place individual freedom and rights above the majority. They believe that taxes should be in the interests of the municipalities and reject high taxes. Republicans keep the peace by strengthening defenses. The nation’s economic strength lies in free enterprise and individual and national prosperity. The role of the individual and family is prioritized over that of the government. Decisions about local affairs are made at the local level.


Democrats believe government should focus on the federal level. They believe the federal government has the authority to do anything that is not expressly forbidden by the constitution. They believe that the rights of the individual are less important than the good of all. Taxes must be collected and sent to the federal government to be dissolved in the interests of the poorest. Democrats believe money should be spent on social programs rather than defense. They believe that world peace can be based on discussion and goodwill. Democrats believe in stricter regulations and business requirements and higher taxes. Democrats have been responsible for many social programs that place more importance on the government’s role in providing care than on the role of the family. Democrats want more federal and state control over the quality and structure of education, especially at the local level.

Each side believes it is doing what is best for the country. Let no one think that any of them are less patriotic. Nevertheless, good intentions can harm the country and its people. Learn more information politic in mercosur digital.