The *PEACEFUL* protesters of Portland couldn’t resist another night of reckoning in their own city. This time they targeted the college that many of them went to: Portland State University. The antifa and BLM terrorists smashed up a Starbucks and attempted to douse the place in kerosene, with 300 apartments above the establishment.

This was after they took their anger out on one of the many symbols of oppression and systemic racism, Portland State University, which has been run by crazed leftists for years and basically serves as an indoctrination center. The terrorists smashed out the windows of Cramer Hall and targeted the campus public safety office.

The chief of Portland State University’s campus “police”, Willie Halliburton, who also moonlights as a comedian (@ComedyCopPDX on Twitter), said he was “disappointed” in the PEACEFUL rioting.

Meanwhile, anticipating a YUGE Trump victory, downtown businesses look even more boarded up than ever before.


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