The law provides that a person may recover damages caused by another person(s) unlawfully.  The reasons for which any person may file a legal claim in court for personal, property, emotional or labor damages, among others, whether caused intentionally or unintentionally, may result in compensation to the injured party and penalization of the person causing the damage.

You may hear lawyers or others refer to this area of law as “tort or tortious act”.  This part of the law – also known as personal injury – does not cover damage to property, but tortious acts such as bodily injury or emotional harm.

It is an unfortunate reality that someone may get seriously injured or killed as a result of someone else’s carelessness, negligence or inattention to safety. People who have suffered loss or injury may be entitled to fight for compensation and justice by looking for any injury lawyers who are willing to take that case to the court.

What is a “tort” or tortious act?

A tort arises when one person acts wrongfully and, as a result, causes injury or harm to another.  An injury can occur from a fall, an automobile accident, a defective product, improper medical treatment, false accusations, poisoning by intoxicating substances, police brutality, serving alcohol to a minor, criminal acts, etc.

The possible causes of a tort can be as many as the activities that occur throughout society. What is critical, however, for a legal case of tort is whether a harm has occurred in the action; without this variable, it cannot be said that a personal injury has occurred.

Let’s say that you slip on a wet floor in a store or public place.  If you get up and walk away uninjured, there is no tort or personal injury case, regardless of the store’s carelessness in not keeping the floor clean.

Instead, if a car fails to stop at the traffic signal (red), causing you to hit the ground, then this for sure is considered a tort.  Alternatively, if you get up and come out without injuries, there is considered no tort, regardless of what the driver did.

People who are injured as a result of the wrongful conduct of others may be able to claim economic damages by suing in civil court.

What help can I expect from a personal injury lawyer?

The time to file a claim to recover personal injury damages can be extremely limited.  Whatever the situation or your age, a legal professional specialized in personal injury cases can assist you in quantifying and evaluating the necessary proofs for your claim, making sure to present all the evidence required to validate your claim before the court.

My question: Is the help of a personal injury lawyer strictly necessary?

After you have been involved in some type of accident or incident (such as auto accidents, medical malpractice and others) that caused an injury, wrongful death or loss such as property damage, you may have a legitimate personal injury claim that can be brought to court for a settlement.

Personal injury lawyers’ main function is to provide you with the legal advice and representation you need to fight for compensation for your injuries, harm, pain, losses, medical bills, lost wages, repair costs and others.