Whether you are setting up a new office or planning to expand your workplace, purchasing the office equipment is an important priority. The principal branches of civil law include contract, tort, property, administrative, family and revenue law. The law of contract is concerned with the many different types of agreements in which persons or corporations enter into during their daily business. The law of tort is concerned with claims arising out of breaches of a duty of care owed by one individual to another. Law Reports. A Selection from the Cases Decided in the Full Courts of the Gold Coast Colony, of the Colony of Lagos, and of the Colony of Southern Nigeria. Lagos, Nigeria: Federal Government Printer, 1929-1951. 21 vols ( also referred to as Nigeria Law Reports). another word for lawyer, but not typically used in Canada, other than in a specific title, such as the Attorney General of Ontario, who is the chief legal advisor to the Ontario government and a member of cabinet, who oversees the justice system in the province. Democrats try to claim that the only opposition to illegal immigration is racism. That is a lie. Americans would be just as opposed to tens of millions of Russians sneaking into our country. People from 72 countries have been nabbed trying sneak into America this year, including from 19 nations in Africa. Chinese nationals represent the largest migrant group currently being apprehended, outside of Mexican and Central American migrants. These facilities, built under the pretenses of housing illegal immigrants” yet largely remaining empty, could potentially be used to house not only immigrants, but also Muslims and possibly dissenters” following a major emergency, such as an economic collapse or terrorist attack within the United States. After all, in World War II, Canada and the United States rounded up Japanese and German immigrants into internment camps. Again, it becomes evident that the response of power structures to the manifestation of the global political awakening within the United States is to oppress and suppress the people, and with that, undermine democracy itself. During the same period, however, portions of the antinuclear movement retained a commitment to radically democratic decision-making and developed a model of affinity groups and spokescouncils as a way to make decisions in large groups ( Epstein, 1991 ). The antinuclear Clamshell Alliance famously reached consensus with more than a thousand people participating ( Downey, 1986 ). In 1999, massive street protests against the World Trade Organization brought international visibility to a movement that was challenging corporate globalization. The Seattle protests also launched a cadre of activists who were committed to developing radically democratic decision-making that could be used in the context of high-profile civil disobedience ( Juris, 2008 ; Polletta, 2002 ). In 2001, the first World Social Forum brought together activists opposed to neoliberalism from around the world to share strategies and visions. In subsequent World Social Forums as well as regional spinoffs and global summits, activists shared an increasingly sophisticated repertoire of tools for egalitarian decision-making ( Juris, 2008 ; Maeckelbergh, 2009 ). Activists in earlier eras had connections with movements outside the country, but they had nothing like the activist networks and communicative capacities that have made it possible to share methods of consensus-based decision-making across diverse movements and regions.

20th Century Avant Garde Information about archives, collections, guides, selected literature relating to artists, groups and art movements such as Constant, Warburg, Duchamp, Guy Debord and the Situationist International, Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz, Dada and Fluxus; by Co Seegers. The bankruptcy judges in regular active service in each district; a unit of the district court. Juries are comprised only of laypersons — never judges and, in practice, only rarely lawyers — and are rarely employed to decide non-criminal matters outside the United States. Their function is to weigh evidence presented to them, and to find fact (that is, decide what happened in a case). In criminal matters, they are often asked to determine the severity of an offense in determining a sentence. As a sovereign state is one different entity from the political party that rules that state at any given time, a country may be ruled by a socialist party without the country itself claiming to be socialist or the socialist party being written into the constitution This has occurred in both one-party and multi-party political systems. In particular, there are numerous cases of social democratic and democratic socialist parties winning elections in liberal democratic states and ruling for a number of terms until a different party wins the elections. While socialist parties have won many elections around the world and most elections in the Nordic countries , many of those countries have not adopted socialism as a state ideology or written the party into the constitution. There can be no doubt that during World War Two a lot of Nazi activity took place in the various Latin American countries. There was also some real danger to the maritime communications in the Western Hemisphere, especially due to the vulnerability of the Panama Canal installations. If these had been sabotaged, all traffic would once again have had to revert to the southern passages and channels, and these were controlled by two neutral” states, Chile and Argentina. Although Acts of Parliament are debated and discussed in detail and are very carefully written by experts, there are occasions when the wording is not clear. If this occurs then the courts have to provide a definition as there is no time for referral back to Parliament for amendment. In these cases, the job of the courts is to determine Parliament ‘s intentions and to put these into practice. This links back to the idea that the UK Parliament is the supreme law-making authority and therefore it is the courts’ constitutional role to implement what they think Parliament actually intended. The next activity will demonstrate the importance of statutory interpretation.