More important than proving your perfection is the willingness to find and correct mistakes; Increase; to monitor your integrity. Faced with an attacking opponent and looking for signs of weakness, it’s tempting to completely deny mistakes, but ignoring potential improvements is still weak. For a leader to inspire trust, he or she must strike a balance between claiming effectiveness and being willing to review and adapt when changes have a real impact; Not because the opposition demands an apology for not following their views when their sole cause is your downfall, and only when reason is compelling.

There are people so hungry for disaster that they blame a president, nothing can stop them from blaming the opposition while their party’s mistakes go unchecked.

I read David McCullough in 1776. George Washington was a confident, optimistic leader in public, while in private conversations and correspondence he acknowledged deep concern for the Patriot Army’s success. He made some bad decisions defending New York City; split his army up against a superior force; picking the wrong manager for a job and then changing midway through. Changes that confuse soldiers before battle. Washington also neglected the less frequently used Long Island Road, which allowed the British to flank and outflank their troops.

Fortunately for Washington, he didn’t hold a post-fight press conference with journalists loyal to the enemy urging him to admit he had failed. No, he honestly did his best, and he and his army continued to learn and improve as they finally defeated England, then considered a military superpower. Even if he makes mistakes, he’s still the best person available for the job. Although he humbly told Congress he felt inadequate for the job, he did everything he could to succeed. The enemy also made many mistakes, but if Washington had been marginalized because of its imperfections, our story would have been very different. Congress recognized his mistakes but looked past his leadership and intelligence rather than taking every opportunity to improve his political standing.

Today’s politicians tend to look for anything that can cloud their opponents without first looking at facts and ignoring state losses. The media play games with reinforcing agendas to the detriment of existing companies. More and more of us see through the shrill deceptions of asshole politicians. We see who is working for our security and who is busy spreading everything that sounds good in their political circle. If only they knew how insane, how empty their words are, how aimless and their integrity appear before an intelligent public.