• Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

IMAGINE… Ending Government Debt And Fixing The Fed By Michael Lindsay

It is 1929 and the misery that had aided the efforts of Weimar’s enemies in the early 20s has been relieved by five years of economic growth and rising incomes. These messages, however, may not be enough to convince the Party’s leaders. The government stubbornly continues to credit the VCP for its economic development, again and again echoing Trong’s words from almost a decade ago that the Party does not need any political opposition. Indeed, the March 2019 directive doubles down on the Party’s determination to hold onto power. The end of World War Two led to the constitution of the new Yugoslavia (the ‘second’ or Tito’s Yugoslavia), this time under communist rule. The country was fully supported by the Western Allies and was given international recognition in March 1945. The change in the political regime was the outcome of the victory of the revolutionary army – the partisan movement led by Josip Broz Tito – that had liberated the country from Nazi occupation. Although initially, in order to reach a compromise between Tito’s partisan movement and the monarchy, a coalition government was formed with a representative of the royal pre-war government appointed as foreign minister, the elections in autumn 1945 confirmed Communist supremacy and the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia was declared on 29 November 1945. The communist regime in Yugoslavia was therefore the product of a grass-root revolution, not imposed by the Soviet Union as in most East European countries, which explains why it had wide popular support. As noted by a known historian: The difference between Yugoslavia’s Communist regime and all its East European counterparts was in the speed with which it had got off the starting line. With its status as an Ally supported by all the powers, and with its revolutionary army, it had a substantial advance in terms of political, economic and social transformation… As such it was the only Communist regime capable of falling out with the Soviet Union. Far from wanting to do so, it first intended to follow and expand the Soviet model… (Pavlowitch, 2002, p. 165). Do democracy and capitalism need each other? Capitalism needs a pretence of democracy more than democracy itself. Increasingly, I feel that plutocracies pass themselves off as democracies. In plutocracies, capitalism is consolidating its wealth and power while maintaining a charade of democracy. Mixing “movies” about the Panther and some actual documentaries, stories and history of the Panther, I am trying to also establish that the present-day war is not new, a different day and year, but same events, and raw and naked racism barring its teeth, in both time-period. The themes in the “Panther” The Movie, and the events in Fergusson, and those 1960s events as depicted in the COINTELPRO’s War on the Black Panther.

If other targets of organized stalking want to share their experiences, I’d be up for compiling them into a collaboratively-written book – hit the Contact Satori button and message me about it. There are also a ton of internet options for promoting change on this issue – if people are interested, I’d love to apply them. You’re probably right, this article isn’t likely to get a lot of attention, and many citizens will go through life blithely ignorant of the problem. Now that you mention it, there are a ton of benevolent cause sites out there, such as PledgeBank and YourCause, that could bring about some good. I’d like to try to find some ways to use HubPages in combination with benevolent social networking sites and activism planning sites to bring about some good. It won’t make my life meaningful, but it’s about as good a way as any to waste my time in this broken system. Thanks for bringing the problem to the fore of my mind – once I see the problem, I can address it. Your order will be available at the store you choose for 5 days after you receive confirmation that your order is ready for pickup. After 5 days has passed, your items will be returned to inventory and your account will be credited. By the late 17th century, lawyers were practicing in the colonies, using English lawbooks and following English procedures and forms of action. In 1701 Rhode Island legislated to receive English law in full, subject to local legislation, and the same happened in the Carolinas in 1712 and 1715. Other colonies, in practice, also applied the common law with local variations. There is a fair argument that legislation and government regulation create certainty, which may make it worthwhile to accept their many costs. This is particularly acute in the area of high tech, where the application of common law may be unclear. 113 Malini Laxminarayan et al, ‘Victim Satisfaction with Criminal Justice: A Systematic Review’ (2013) 8 Victims and Offenders 119, 124. While the black-hooded anarchist rioters of global justice demonstrations remain the media’s favorite spectacle, anarchists of all types are currently debating new tactics, political shifts, and reassessments of the anarchist tradition. Importantly, strains of contemporary anarchism have offered convincing critiques of the lifestyle approach to social change, rehabilitated the legacy of syndicalism, reoriented to class struggle, and initiated new ways of relating to the working class and social movements. At the same time, other anarchists have mounted vicious attacks on the organized political left and activism in general.