Troubleshooting office phone system issues at your business may be something that can be done before users call a phone system technician. Socialism is a faulty philosophy based on unrealistic psychology. Human nature is not so easily refashioned. Private property is a permanent feature of human life and always has been, at least since farming began. Violence is the only way to enforce Socialism on people. Socialism must have unlimited state authority in order to make people give up their possessions and give up their private interests. The major difference between a democracy and a republic is that a republic is a form of government whereas a democracy is an ideology that helps shape how a government is run. Put another way: a republic is the system of government that allows a country to be democratic! So while people tend to use the terms “democracy” and “republic” interchangeably, they aren’t exactly the same thing. According to the 1992 Constitution, the President of the Republic, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the Ethnic Council, the Committees of the National Assembly, the Government, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the Viet Nam Fatherland Front and its members, as well as the individual Deputies to the National Assembly have right to present bills to the National Assembly. Public Defender – Attorney employed by government or appointed by court to represent indigent criminal defendants. Law libraries usually have self-help legal books. These books are written for people who are not lawyers. They explain the law in plain English and sometimes give you tips on how to handle your case. If you cannot find them in your law library, try your favorite bookstore or public library. The United States was among the first true examples of a federation, a nation comprised from a set regions, each with its own unique set of customs, laws, and demographic compositions. Today, much philosophical debate exists over what level of independent authority states have versus the level of central control that the federal government has over state laws. This debate — and the never-ending stream of constitutional and judicial questions that arise from it — keep the state and federal authority in constant and dynamic flux. Harlan Colt- Thank you, Harlan, for your gracious comments. I am glad we are in agreeance. Did you notice the bonus section below the comments by C.S. Lewis about social engineering through state education? Most people have missed that. It is the only time I have had words below the comments. I thought the Hub would be too long otherwise. The Chief Justice, who is appointed by the President, is the head of the Judiciary. The Judiciary is made up of the Supreme Court and the Subordinate Courts. The Supreme Court hears both civil and criminal matters and is separated into the Court of Appeal and the High Court. The Subordinate Courts consist of District Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, Juvenile Courts, Coroners’ Court and Small Claims Tribunals. A Senior District Judge overlooks the Subordinate Courts. It is important that you know which Court to approach when you are suing someone or are being sued.

Its role is the implementation of party policies across the country, for instance managing the national economic plan and the state budget. The type of government that is based on the belief that all people are equal and should equally share the xcountry’s money is called as socialism. A business card can be thought of as a brand ambassador for your company. MOO understands how great design can help shape people’s opinions of your brand, and offers a fast, easy, online interface to create an attractive, functional business card and have it at your front door in no time at all. Generally, the court will respect the agreement reached by the couple. However, the court can change any provisions dealing with the support, custody, or access to the children where it believes it is in the best interest of the children to do so. The court can also disregard any provision where it thinks that one partner did not consult with his or her own lawyer first or where it would be inequitable in the circumstances. 1.2.18 1953: A Constitutional Commission, headed by the Sir George Rendel (the ‘Rendel Commission’), was formed to review the Colony´s constitution and to enlarge the public participation in self-governance. The government accepted most of the Commission´s report including the transformation of the Legislative Council into a chamber comprising mainly of directly elected members. However, the real power continued to be vested in the Governor and the Official Members of the Council of Ministers rather than the elected Assembly members. By this time, the Progressive Party was the leading political party in Singapore having won the Legislative Council elections in 1948 and 1951. In the United States, there are already a number of social” interventions in place, designed to protect the individual, such as a minimum wage, social security, and certain minimum safety standards. It is not a pure” capitalist economy as it stands now. And yet, it is still capable of producing the greatest prosperity of any economic model. Okay, ya got me. So we can’t simplistically look at Cuba as an example of a Socialist government. Gottcha. Bullhockey. This French term means “on the bench” and usually refers to all judges or justices of an appellate court sitting together to hear a case. For example, all seven justices of the Iowa Supreme Court hear all cases together, en banc. the judiciary (also known as the judicature), which is responsible for making legally enforceable judgments about the legal rights and liabilities of people. The judiciary comprises judges and magistrates operating in the court system.

The Weimar Republic was a bold experiment. It was Germany’s first democracy, a state in which elected representatives had real power. The new Weimar constitution attempted to blend the European parliamentary system with the American presidential system. In the pre-World War I period, only men twenty-five years of age and older had the right to vote, and their elected representatives had very little power. The Weimar constitution gave all men and women twenty years of age the right to vote. Women made up more than 52% of the potential electorate, and their support was vital to the new Republic. From a ballot, which often had thirty or more parties on it, Germans chose legislators who would make the policies that shaped their lives. Parties spanning a broad political spectrum from Communists on the far left to National Socialists (Nazis)on the far right competed in the Weimar elections. The Chancellor and the Cabinet needed to be approved by the Reichstag (legislature) and needed the Reichstag’s continued support to stay in power. For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. There are only a few pockets of humanity left in the remotest corners of the world that are not politically alert and engaged with the political turmoil and stirrings that are so widespread today around the world. Each magistrate’s court functions as a maintenance court within its particular magisterial district. Some persons, such as parents, are legally liable to maintain (support) others, for example their children. If they do not fulfil their duties, a complaint can be lodged with the court’s maintenance officer. The maintenance officer will investigate the case, and submit it to the court. The court can make an appropriate order. It can also increase the amount of maintenance in light of changed circumstances. pgrundy’s observation about government money doesn’t surprise me. It was the same with the drug war and the ridiculous seizing of property because someone was caught with a joint. That was so obviously about money and so obviously wrong it’s still amazing to me that they can get away with it and nobody is doing anything about it. The people (government of, by, and for?) pass a state law for medicinal marijuana and the feds don’t like it so they bust in and arrest them anyway. It’s absurd. All the feds have to do to bend a state to their will is withhold federal highway funds. Very convenient for propigating their facism.

We can collate wants, opinions or desires of a large population, if the capability of information technology is made to work for us. Also, appropriation of resources or, fetching other forms of wealth, becomes child’s play, that too, with hardly any possibilities of dissatisfaction or mistake, if the phenomenal computing power made available by the digital revolution is put to use. Even the introduction of a new type of governance, ‘real time government’, is possible if all citizens are connected to a central server directing the various elements of government. It can also be programmed to act on the input from citizens thus connected, appropriately, deciding on the continuation of the present government at predetermined intervals, as well as, choosing new government. The process of collecting people’s will, offering candidature, and other such elements can be made user friendly to such an extent that, the direct involvement of people in the act of governance is greatly reduced. On the surface, socialism seems to be a very good system for people in general. Universal health care, affordable housing, child care programs, the whole nine yards is provided at the expense of the nation (or taxpayer). Crime rates are generally lower, cities are less violent in socialist societies and generally speaking life APPEARS to be far easier for the average citizen. There is even peaceful protest against government policies in socialist countries so they also seem to respect things like free speech and political activism. This seems to be a pretty good way to go eh? Taxation is high but there are price controls and housing provided so why should the actual tax rate bother anyone that much when you do not need money for the basics? As said earlier, this seems like the way to go. Democratic socialism, a growing U.S. political movement in recent years, lands somewhere in between social democracy and communism. Like communists, democratic socialists believe workers should control the bulk of the means of production, and not be subjected to the will of the free market and the capitalist classes. But they believe their vision of socialism must be achieved through democratic processes, rather than revolution. There is no need to guess if Democratic Socialism works. Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America only 20 years ago. That’s when they practiced Capitalism. Then they voted for Democratic Socialism and Hugo Chavez, the darling of the American Left, took over. Crime – An act in violation of the penal laws of a state or the United States.

You will also have certain powers or duties to disclose matters to the Courts in relation to proceedings or to third parties where they are lawfully acting on behalf of a client, such as an attorney appointed under a power of attorney or a Court appointed Deputy where the disclosure falls within the scope of their authority. To regain personal property from someone who has no legal right to possess the property. Still, when Marilyn Davenport, an elected official in the Republican Party of Orange County, Calif., circulated an email depicting Obama and his parents as chimps, she initially defended the image as political satire. Mike Luckovich, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, had a different take. He pointed out to National Public Radio that the image wasn’t a cartoon but Photoshopped. The company opened its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts on May 1, 1986. 5 By 1996, it had reached the Fortune 500 , and it later acquired the office supplies company Quill Corporation In 2014, in the wake of increasing competition from e-commerce market, Staples began to close some of its locations. In 2015, Staples announced its intent to acquire Office Depot and OfficeMax However, the purchase was blocked under antitrust grounds due to the consolidation that would result. 120 Shirley Julich, ‘Views of Justice Among Survivors of Historical Child Sexual Abuse: Implications for Restorative Justice in New Zealand’ (2006) 10(1) Theoretical Criminology 125, 129; Judith Herman, ‘Justice from the Victim’s Perspective’ (2005) 11(5) Violence Against Women 571, 585; Bruce Feldthusen et al, ‘Therapeutic Consequences of Civil Actions for Damages and Compensation Claims by Victims of Sexual Abuse’ (2000) 12 Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 66, 97-8. I believe that under capitalism, all 100 people will have more than $10,000 a year because the whole community will be twice or three times or five times as prosperous. Yes, some people will make $20K, some $30K, some $40K, some $50K—according to their usefulness to everybody else. And yes, some smart aleck with probably make $250K because he invents Windows or the I-Phone or Google. Innocent Americans increasingly are sent to prison based on false evidence manufactured by police forensic crime labs. Now President Obama wants the power to incarcerate U.S. Citizens not on evidence, but for what they might do. In my state, Illegal Aliens Cost Illinois $3.85 Billion A Year—State On Verge Of Bankruptcy. Illegal Aliens Costs Illinois Nearly 10% of Projected Spending. Billions of dollars’ worth of government services that are meant for citizens are going towards illegal aliens. This reduces the quality of Illinois’ healthcare, education, and administrative services. Educating illegal aliens and their children is the single greatest expense. Public schooling is expensive. Illegal aliens also absorb considerable healthcare costs. Other major costs include increased policing and incarceration, and various administrative costs.