When a criminal defense attorney first opens his practice, he may choose to develop a niche in a certain area of criminal law. In decorating your place of work, you can try to consult an interior designer. They can help you give inputs on the appropriate items that should be in your office. They can also suggest the stores that have rare styles. Usually, offices should have a minimalist kind of set up; the simpler, the better. This is because your work area must not create any disturbance. You would not want to work in an office that looks like a kids’ playroom right? It would be terrible sitting on an executive chair which has floral designs or with loud colors. As much as possible pick those styles that have solid colors. Appeal and review jurisdiction High courts review and hear appeals of criminal and civil cases in the lower courts. In such cases a further appeal can be made to the supreme court of appeal. Sometimes one can appeal within a high court against the decision of a single judge to full bench (three judges) of the same court. Habitus is related to cultural capital because the social class of an individual partially determines whether his or her habitus will propel or handicap his or her advancement in society – the upper-class habitus infers more cultural capital because it is part of a self-perpetuating system that assigns value determined by the upper-class, while the lower-class habitus perpetuates the lower class’ social positions in a similar manner, promoting tastes which when displayed in public signify the symbolic distance between the lower classes and the upper classes in social fields (Bourdieu 1984:69). That my friend is a form of socialism that exist along with capitalism. If they were privatized, it would create chaos and corruption like we have never seen before. As I said before, socialism, does not necessarily mean communism. We also need socialism at the state levels, in the form of law enforcement, fire fighting, ambulance services, et al. This tendency also signaled a shift away from class politics, or indeed that social classes in the Marxist (or classical anarchist) sense existed any longer. Hardt and Negri argued, instead, that a myriad of oppressions and exploitations could only be understood as a whole multitude. No longer, they argued, was class struggle the primary motor force of history. They highlighted the rebellions of indigenous communities, landless farmers, the urban poor, and others as examples of this new dynamic that, in their view, did not fit into the classical Marxist understanding of class struggle. Reasonable Doubt – Doubt based on the exercise of rational judgment and the presence or absence of evidence to support a conclusion. Usually refers to the standard used to determine the guilt or innocence of a defendant in a criminal case.