Whether you’ve been involved in a truck accident as the driver, a pedestrian, or another driver on the road, it’s a troubling time. Certainly, it’s confusing if you’ve never had a vehicular accident before and are worried about the potential legal and financial consequences too. To help guide you, here are some tips on how to choose the right truck accident lawyer to represent you.

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What’s the Focus of their Practice?

Does the legal practice exclusively deal with vehicle accidents, only commercial accident cases, or do they have a broader remit? Accidents are a distinct part of the law. There’s state law relating to them. Also, because truck accidents that are fatal are the worse kind, it’s beneficial if the practice has handled truck accident cases before now. While past handling of other vehicle accident cases is fine, a law firm with a wide-reaching, unfocused approach is probably to be avoided.

Have They Handled Big Cases Before?

What cases has the lawyer or law firm handled managed before? Have they been involved in significant accident cases previously or truck accidents, specifically? You’ll want to see a pattern of successful settlements and other favorable results for accident cases. Whether that’s reducing the size of settlements for a truck driver and their trucking company, or getting as much as possible for accident victims, it all counts.

Do They Ever Go to Trial?

While obtaining out-of-court settlements can work out in their favor, it’s good to see when the lawyer does sometimes go to court to pursue a fair result. Lawyers and law firms that do not go to trial will silently inform the opposing lawyers that they have a singular approach to legal cases. This proves to be a weakened position because the opposition can negotiate harder knowing the law firm wishes to settle rather than go to court. Therefore, you want to confirm what cases went to court rather than see all of them settled.

Recognition or Awards

Successful local law firms tend to receive recognition for doing so. Also, they may receive industry awards as a fast-growing legal practice or for some other reason. While it’s true that some law firms don’t seek the limelight and shy away from such recognition, it’s still good to see.

Any Reviews Online?

Just like with other types of business, it’s increasingly possible to hunt down recent client reviews for lawyers online. Whether that’s through Google reviews or another commercial website, it’s no longer necessary to only rely on vetted testimonials to be convinced to hire them.

For lawyers and law firms that have been practicing for years, there should be plenty of reviews to see. Where there are not, that should raise a red flag. Also, when they have a focus on accident cases, then some of the reviews should speak directly to how they represented their clients successfully. Maybe some of these will be truck-related cases, or maybe not. But as long they are accident-related, that’s good enough.

A truck driver that has been involved in an accident must hire a competent attorney. They should have prior accident case experience, and if that includes truck driving cases, even better.