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Like the mere utterance of the words Porsche or Ferrari scream sports car, the words Plato or Aristotle scream philosophy. Mike McDade ~ It should not surprise you that the most evil men of modern times were drawn to Socialism, which is an evil ideology built upon three great sins: ENVY of those who have achieved more than you; COVETOUSNESS of things others have that you don’t; and HATRED of the tall poppies who stand higher than you. And it should not surprise anyone that Socialism is an evil ideology since at its core is a diabolical hatred of Jesus. Absolute monarchy – a form of government where the monarch rules unhindered, i.e., without any laws, constitution, or legally organized opposition. In short, the US was more advanced, both in its on campus campaigns for a student-centered education process and democratization and in organizing around societal issues, because it saw the campus issues in the context of the off campus ones and put the latter first in importance. Joining UGEQ was not just the right thing to do for a more equal Quebec, it was also the shortest path to catching up to other countries in building a student movement at McGill (650226p4). In a Fall 1965 article, as the Scholzberg Council was experiencing defeats in its efforts to engage issues through the Student Council, Gray noted that American students did not channel their action through a student union or other mainstream organizations” like established political parties. Instead a significant number of radical and left-wing organizations with different ideologies and strategies coexist” (650930p8). Defendant – The party against whom a lawsuit is filed. Hearing -A proceeding, generally public, at which an issue of fact or law is discussed and either party has the right to be heard. Around the world, this version of governance by law, rather than by people, is quite unique, though it has dramatically decayed from solid and principled foundation of our Constitution and our government is way outside of it’s specifically delegated authorities. Still, you seem to seek to defame or otherwise spoil the term “Democracy” merely by the misuse of those who do not seek it, but seek to mislead, by calling all kinds of very undemocratic things “democracy”. Discipline Agency – A state agency responsible for investigating complaints about lawyers. If the lawyer is found to have violated an ethics or court rule, he or she will be reprimanded, fined, and perhaps suspended or disbarred (license to practice law revoked). Please note that lawyer discipline agencies cannot help clients recover fees paid to the lawyer, or make the lawyer pay for a loss the client has suffered because the lawyer made mistakes in handling a case.

A new law on foreign direct investment improved conditions for foreign investors by offering major protection of foreign partners’ ownership and management rights, and abolishing the limits on the share of foreign ownership in firms. Three laws in 1989 introduced major changes in the banking system: the banking law transformed banks from non-profit institutions into joint-stock and limited liability banks; the law on securities introduced for the first time equity shares in the Yugoslav legal system; and the Law on the money and capital markets officially sanctioned the creation of a capital market. Drawing inspiration from Kevin Morgan’s recent study of trade unionist A.A. Purcell, this article analyses the activist commitment of Durham miner Henry Bolton; his changing ideology, and how this informed his political interventions in numerous contexts and through multifarious institutions and positions. Beginning his political journey as a Methodist and Liberal before converting to socialism, Bolton was particularly significant as a key example of a neglected but undoubtedly significant phenomenon; an influential left Labour Party activist whose politics were largely indistinguishable from that of Communists but who was only actually a party member (open or otherwise) for a very short period. Bolton’s causes were numerous and interlinking. Working through the union, Labour Party and local council he advanced the interests of the miners and their communities, controversially harnessing the resources of the council itself during the 1926 general strike and lockout (he remained under long-term police surveillance). A firm believer in working-class education, Bolton was a leading figure in the regional Labour college movement and founder of a Socialist Sunday School branch. The latter formed the nucleus for local conscientious objectors during the Great War. In the 1930s, Bolton used his positions in both the council and region-wide peace council to propagandise on foreign affairs, including supporting the Spanish Republic. Studying Bolton’s activist life throws considerable light on the complex and diverse political culture of the British left, richly demonstrating the vast number of different ways in which an activist could intervene in the political world, and the complexities of the ideologies on the Labour left. Human Rights postulate, therefore, the attitude on the part of the people that would enable them to blend the fine values of the past with the fine elements from contemporary world, wherever good things could be absorbed. They would be embedded in the basic structure of the constitution as rights to be enjoyed by the people. The following are indispensable in the domain of rights.

Alternatively, contact a local French lawyer specialising in the appropriate field of law : family law, inheritance law, property law, etc. In the end, proximity and competence are usually more important than having an English-speaking lawyer; after all, your lawyer will be pleading in a French court. And many French lawyers do have a basic ability to speak English. A metropolis of more than seven million people, Hong Kong is a global financial and shipping center that has prospered from its proximity to the world’s second-largest economy. It ranks second in the world in trade as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), with services accounting for more than 90 percent of its economy. Relatively low taxes, a highly developed financial system, light regulation, and other capitalist features make Hong Kong one of the world’s most attractive markets and set it apart from mainland financial hubs such as Shanghai and Shenzhen. Hong Kong continues to rank highly in economic competitiveness reports, placing third in the World Bank’s annual Doing Business rankings and second in the world on the Heritage Foundation’s 2020 Index of Economic Freedom Most of the world’s major banks and multinational firms maintain regional headquarters in the city. In other words, illegal immigration is being used to erase the votes of American citizens. Each vote cast by an unlawful alien cancels out the ballot of an American and their voice in how our nation will be governed. The more illegal aliens that live in an area, the more seats that area gets in Congress. That is how Democrats steal political power. Verdict. The jury finds for the plaintiff or the defendant. (The terms guilty and not guilty are not used in civil trials.) Any damage award is announced at the same time, not in a separate phase. Presentment – Declaration or document issued by a grand jury that either makes a neutral report or notes misdeeds by officials charged with specified public duties. It ordinarily does not include formal criminal charges. Marx and Lenin and Mao saw Socialism as a mere stepping stone—an intermediate stop along the way to Communism, not a final destination. Therefore, clear bright lines of distinction are hard to find that mark where the socialism ends and the communism begins. Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and even Hitler all considered themselves to be Socialists. All were also dictators, so I am not sure that your insistence that socialists cannot be dictators holds true-at least in my opinion.