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Reco12— I am sorry but I cannot buy into any of your crazy notions. The fact is that the Left of the political spectrum includes Nazis, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and so-called Progressives. What defines the Left is its fondness for huge governments and rule by experts and distaste for individual freedom and economic freedom. I am aware that some scholars conspired after WWII to put Hitler on the Right and I don’t blame them—nobody wants all of history’s mass murderers at the head of their own ideology. But during his lifetime Hitler was well known as a radical leftist who wanted the government to decide everything about everything—the Socialist’s dream. Similarly, let us take China into consideration on the issue of “Censorship”. China has implemented the methods of censoring the internet that are somewhat harder to bypass for people generally unfamiliar with the way internet works. There is ,for example internet censorship as implemented in China-using a list of banned words that are censored on the fly. As users in china request a webpage , the incoming page is first inspected by government servers n blocked if a banned term such as “Democracy” is present. Human censors are also actively looking at what people browse on the internet, and block websites as they see fit. Fortunately, in Europe Capitalists Governments (including the British Conservative Government) love to control (heavily Regulate) Industry anyway, so we’re not likely to see any move towards American style Laissez-faire governments in Europe anytime soon. A report, generally prepared by a probation officer, which presents pertinent information needed by a judge to sentence a person convicted of an indictable crime. The report includes such information as the defendant’s criminal history, characteristics, family, and financial circumstances, as well as the harm to the victim, the victim’s family, and the community, and finally any mitigating circumstances relating to the defendant’s potential for probation, etc. In Iowa, this report is confidential. Public law affects society as a whole and includes administrative law, constitutional law, criminal law, municipal law and international law. In the landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education, it clearly demonstrates the way public law works. In Brown v. Board of Education, a small child’s rights were violated by an administrative agency. The family brought suit upon the agency and won. In Solicitor General v Cox 2016 EWHC 1241 (QB) the Solicitor General brought proceedings for common law contempt in respect of photos and videos taken in court and posted online along with derogatory comments about the judge. The court found that both the taking and publication of the illegally taken images, accompanied by pejorative comments about a judge, amounted to contempt, in circumstances where the contemnor knew phones were banned and had acted in deliberate defiance of it. The court considered the gravity of the risks and of the interference with the due administration of justice in the case and held that proceedings for contempt, rather than prosecution of the criminal offence, were appropriate.

The United States is a federal republic. It is federal because most of its powers are devolved to the local states. The federal government, although given the highest and widest power and governance, most of its powers are exercised by the state and local political units. Three levels of power and governance govern the United States. The federal level of governance is given the authority to control and manage the national affairs of the United States. The national or federal government is responsible for regulating the internal affairs between its states, providing for national defense, managing the national economy, and dealing with the relationships with other sovereign states and other international entities. The state level of power and governance in the United States politics has the responsibility of managing the more internal and local affairs of their respective political subdivision. The area of control for this state government is only limited to its boundaries. To further devolutionize and empower the locals and citizens, the most localized level of the United States politics is the local government. This local government handles and manages almost the household level of social concerns. They are in the form of city, county, town, or districts of the said geopolitical area. However, in civil law countries, the judge is usually the main investigator, and the lawyer’s role is to advise a client on legal proceedings, write legal pleadings, and help provide favorable evidence to the investigative judge. Enterprises in Yugoslavia operated under soft-budget constraints (Kornai, 1980). Although there were more bankruptcies in Yugoslavia than in other socialist countries, the more frequent measure was the socialisation of losses through the redistribution of resources from profit-making to loss-making firms. The lack of enterprises’ financial discipline also derived from the low cost of capital, since interest rates on bank credits remained negative in real terms (Uvalić, 1992). The Yugoslav economy was also characterised by an overinvestment drive (Kornai, 1980), very high investment rates which were realised until the 1980s, rather than by underinvestment as proposed by the LMF literature. In Yugoslavia this was not accomplished through objectives set in central plans, but through more decentralised mechanisms (as described previously). Other socialists, however, did not accept the violent, undemocratic nature of that course, although they agreed that capitalism was unjust and unstable. The left’s role, in the view of these democratic socialists” — the Czech-Austrian theorist Karl Kautsky , for instance — was to remind citizens of capitalism’s defects and rally popular support for an alternative economic system that would end private ownership and assert popular control over the means of production.