After a hard day’s work we come home ready to collapse from exhaustion and hopelessly collapse on your couch in front of the TV. You automatically pick up the remote control and scan your nine hundred channels for news or something interesting that cheers you up. On your favorite channel there is a news sequence and a beautiful woman explains the current situation. There’s a strike somewhere in your neighborhood; You can hardly fight your way through the crowd. They want a raise or more suitable terms or something. Even if your issue should be your top priority, you still need to think about what’s going on in your community. The crowd on the screen disappears and one sees the clean-shaven faces of a speaker or politician commenting on the situation. His words were very considerate, carefully chosen and pleasing to the ear, although his explanations on the subject were quite contradictory. Against your will you agree to what he says, you almost believe him and you are ready to make fools of the people on the street, but the picture changes. Angry police officers try to take people off the streets. Not as pleasant as a speaker’s face. You turn off the TV and go to the kitchen to rest and collect your thoughts. You’ve just had a politics lesson and it’s clear things aren’t to your liking.

Now we are quite content with our life and only think about our profit. Politics or dirty games, if it’s not working against you, why worry? We sit quietly in our room, order papers and play with our children. But that is until the elections come. Then you forget your specialty paper and worry about what’s going on. Your head will just explode from the amount of information. Every day you see debates and read interesting articles from different sources. You imagine the wealth being spent on all this and its significance makes you forget your duty to your country. As a caring citizen, you care about the ruling political leaders and parties in your country. And you behave like a caring citizen: read articles and brochures, study candidates’ biographies and contributions, listen to their campaign plans and think: who is the best? In fact, none of them will satisfy your needs because not everything you hear is the truth.

Power is a powerful addictive drug. That’s probably the most honest statement you’ll hear during the election. To gain power, a person is willing to do almost anything to gain it. Dirty games and black PR are the norm. Blackmail, fraud, excessive use of the law occur at every stage of a political career. No one knows the dirty facts of a person’s life until the election comes. Once a politician is unmasked, his constituents can know everything about him, including the size of his bedroom. But this is also very common. And god forbid you mess around with any of the famous names. You won’t be able to look around when you find yourself without property, family, and hope for a better future. No matter how democratic the election, you can still be assured that dirty play is at play. If you are still loyal to your leader, that is very good, but sooner or later you will stop believing in the nobility of his intentions, and if after a number of attempts to label your leader you still believe in him, you have to be honest. mercosur digital.