• Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Democracy, Monarchy And Dictatorship

I’ve written at length about what I see as the biggest need in the United States today: renewing limited government. a decision made by a Judge that describes the final result in the matter presented in court. Judgments sometimes also include reasons for the decision and discussion about the facts and law that were relied on to reach the decision. No. Using drugs is a matter of stupidity not style. That’s why they call it dope. As for being a hippie, among squares trends come and go. Among hippies, being a hippie was never OUT of style. Some just moved to another part of the country, some had to take jobs to reach personal goals (taking a job you hate is very un-hip), some cut their hair for convenience, some were never hippies but deluded themselves into thinking that they were (probably use of drugs caused this delusion), and some forgot that they were hippies and needed reminding. World events like the roller coaster economy, constant wars (the USA is always in some dmn war), climate change denial, national leaders killing their own people, overpopulation, oil spill in Yellowstone, and other events added to the problems of the Sixties that sparked the hippie movement – problems that were never solved and that never went away. These world events have reminded older hippies why they became hippies in the first place and convinced younger squares that the Establishment will never change and therefore they are dropping out of the square lifestyle because it is a dead end. Although, under the Salisbury Convention, the House of Lords cannot block a Bill passed by the House of Commons, if it was in the Government’s Election Manifesto; the House of Lords can add Amendments to the Bill, which the House of Commons then has to accept or reject. It is through these Amendments (if approved by the House of Commons) that sometimes unpleasant Legislation is toned down, to the benefit of the People. While the Republicans in Congress assures us that, The people” are with them, I don’t believe it. That’s not what I hear from the hordes of desperate Dead Enders riding the Grey Hound on any given day; people who are barely holding on in the vain hope that things will soon get better. Like… maybe they will finally find a job that will permit them to lead a normal life. Although the Republicans insist that they don’t want fake government jobs” but real jobs” in the private sector; from what working people are telling me in conversations riding the bus up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States: The Republicans are full of sht! These people would give their right eye for a good government job with benefits.

Protective Order : A criminal court order issued by a judge to protect a family or household member. Amnesty International has received reports that Sri Lankan armed forces screen civilians who have fled the Wanni area, and have detained several people in police custody. Given past experiences, there are credible fears among civilians that those confined in transit centres could be vulnerable to enforced disappearances or extrajudicial executions, as well as increased targeting of persons, including arbitrary detention and harassment on an ethnic basis. There have been reports of several hundred cases of enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka since 2006, many of them in government-controlled areas. Due Process of Law – The right of all persons to receive the guarantees and safeguards of the law and the judicial process. It includes such constitutional requirements as adequate notice of legal proceedings, opportunity to be heard by the judge, assistance of counsel, and the defendants’ rights to remain silent, to a speedy and public trial, to an impartial jury and to confront and secure witnesses. Court Services Officer: A person who assists the judge and oversees cases as they go through the court. The simple answer is that democratic socialists believe in a democracy , while communist forms of government are not democracies. For the first time in history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. Global activism is generating a surge in the quest for cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world scarred by memories of colonial or imperial domination. These attitudes continue to linger today. Many conservatives see government as an extension of God (For God and Country”) while many liberals see government as a replacement for God (Democratic Socialist Republic”). Some states employ the “lack-of-substantial-capacity” test. The phrase “lacks substantial capacity” is a qualification of the M’Naghten rule and the irresistible-impulse test, both of which require the total absence of capacity. This test also requires a showing of causality. The defense is not established merely by a showing of a mental disease; rather, it is established only if, as a result of the disease, the defendant lacks the substantial capacity that is required in order to hold him or her criminally responsible. For example, pyromania may be a defense to a charge of arson, but it is no defense to a charge of larceny. An Irresistible Impulse arising from anger, jealousy, or a desire for revenge does not excuse a defendant from criminal responsibility unless such emotions are part of the mental disease that caused the crime.

Due to the growth in the number of laws and the growing complexity of society, most people will now seek some form of legal advice during their lifetime, whether it is to purchase a house, in relation to family issues, to seek advice about debt, a legal claim, or for advice on tax or income issues. This increase in people seeking legal advice has also seen a rise in the number of those providing that advice. For example, in 1970, 30,000 solicitors and barristers were in practice, but by 2000 this had increased to over 100,000. In the same thirty-year period, the number of judges employed in the courts multiplied from under 300 to over 3000. During the second half of the twentieth century, the provision of legal advice became a large industry. Recent turnover in the legal advice sector exceeded eleven billion pounds. This also makes it a substantial economic player and contributor to both industry and the public sector. A lawsuit in which a court authorizes a person or small group of people to represent the interests of a large group of people with common characteristics or interests. Iowa court rules allow commencement of a class action only if the class is so numerous or so constituted that joinder of all members, whether or not otherwise required or permitted, is impracticable, and there is a question of law or fact common to the class. What is the alternative when we see some public relations people managing to go through their entire careers without a firm grasp of the fundamental premise of public relations? Their responses to crises, or to requests for well thought-out solutions to public relations problems, reveal a serious lack of understanding. They confuse the basic function of public relations with any number of tactical parts that make up the whole, such as publicity, crisis management or employee relations. Understandably, they feel unsure in approaching public relations problems, then uncertain about what counsel to give their clients. Many, relying on career-long misconceptions about public relations, forge ahead anyway advising the client ineffectively sometimes with damaging, if not dangerous counsel. Very serious offences, such as murder and rape, are heard in the Crown Court. The Crown Court is based in about 90 centres throughout England and Wales. A jury consisting of 12 people chosen at random from the local population will decide, without giving reasons, whether the defendant is guilty of the offence. Usually a jury’s decision will be unanimous, but the judge may decide that an 11:1 or 10:2 majority is sufficient. The jury is advised about the law by the judge, whose role also includes imposing a sentence if the defendant is found guilty.

Labor-Management Conflict in American History An ehistory website on American labour conflicts including those in the Pennsylvania coal fields and the Chicago strike of 1905; from the Department of History at The Ohio State University. Parpolity is a theoretical political system proposed by Stephen R. Shalom It was developed as a political vision to accompany Parecon. The values on which parpolity is based are freedom, self-management, justice, solidarity and tolerance. According to Shalom, the goal is to create a political system that will allow people to participate as much as possible in a face to face manner. Participism as a whole is critical of aspects of modern representative democracies and capitalism arguing that the level of political control by the people is not sufficient. To address this problem, parpolity suggests a system of nested councils which would include every adult member of a given society. With five levels of nested councils it is thought, could represent the population of the United States. Apartheid was a Social Engineering ‘experiment’ to allow different peoples to develop within their own communities. It’s results (despite the legislation designed to regulate the influx into industrial growth areas (such as influx control which originated way before 1948 under Colonial rule) (and hare include Rhodesia’s Ian Smith ‘qualified enfranchisement polucy) were way better for the black population than anything tried by Colonial Masters on the African Continent, either during such occupation, including their so called ‘Democracy’ in abandoning their Colonies with dysfunctional and indecent haste, (Perhaps Diasporic, Oligarchic, Kleptocratic, Nepotistic, Xenophobic, Tyranny ie ‘Shithole’ is more appropriate)? Certainly Apartheid being described as a Crime Against Humanity at the ‘2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’ was a latter day contrivance to allow a continuing ‘victimhood narrative’ to be better purveyed by these ‘victims’. I have barely scratched the surface of the whole socialism vs. capitalism debate. There are hundreds of books written on the subject, and hundreds more people who would be willing to debate the topic. My purpose here has been to challenge your thinking. Hopefully, you will do your own research before blindly accepting someone else’s opinion. That includes mine. Interior remodeling starting in 1942, significantly transformed the building from its original design. First, a drop ceiling was added to hide exposed beams. Several years later, another drop ceiling was installed so that forced air heating could be added. By 1958, passenger train service to and from Bend ended. The rooms were transformed to office space and many of the windows were covered.