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Criminal law is one of the most common types of law practiced in the United States. Communist Countries firmly believe in ‘Total Control’ e.g. China and Russia etc. But then so does any other Dictatorial Government, regardless to whether they are extreme left wing or right wing politics; whereas at the heart of the Democratic Socialist’s philosophy is Democracy and Freedom. Before the IBSM, the Haudenosaunee were heavily dependent on agriculture for sustenance. Growing large crops of corn, beans, squash, strawberries, and dozens of other plant foods, Haudenosaunee women of the pre-AIRM period cultivated large fields and stored vast caches of food for the winter months. 16 While the AIRM reduced Haudenosaunee dependence on agriculture as increasing contact with Euro-American neighboring communities provided the Haudenosaunee with increased means of acquiring food, Pre-IBSM Haudenosaunee women continued to cultivate traditional foods in gardens for both ceremonial and practical uses. Even in anthropologist Clark Wissler’s 1914 analysis of the material culture of Native Americans of the northeastern woodlands, Wissler recognized the Haudenosaunee as intensive agriculturalists,” 17 even thirty six years 18 after the Richard Henry Pratt opened the doors of the Carlisle Indian School as Haudenosaunee women continued to maintain care of the family garden.” 19 Before the AIRM, Haudenosaunee women raised maize in large quantities,” 20 and even throughout the century following the implementation of the IBSM Haudenosaunee women have continued to cultivate the traditionally used foods of their ancestor’s tribalism. As shown through the research of anthropologist Judith K. Brown, land was often registered in female names” 21 both before and after the IBSM’s conclusion. South Korea had a command economy which was modeled on the Japanese Imperial economy and the Economy of National Socialist Germany. Although political science, like all modern sciences, involves empirical investigation, it generally does not produce precise measurements and predictions. This has led some scholars to question whether the discipline can be accurately described as a science. However, if the term science applies to any body of systematically organized knowledge based on facts ascertained by empirical methods and described by as much measurement as the material allows, then political science is a science, like the other social disciplines In the 1960s the American historian of science Thomas S. Kuhn argued that political science was pre-paradigmatic,” not yet having developed basic research paradigms , such as the periodic table that defines chemistry It is likely that political science never will develop a single, universal paradigm or theory, and attempts to do so have seldom lasted more than a generation, making political science a discipline of many trends but few classics.

The Monnet plan stood on two clearly distinguishable intellectual premises. The first premise was neo-functionalist incrementalism: In the fifties and sixties, neo-functionalism was highly influential in attempts to explain the impetus towards European Integration. Since then, although it has gone through modifications and reappraisals, it has been and continues to be one of the most influential approaches to European integration. At its core was the concept of “spillover”, the prediction that once initially triggered, European integration, at least at the economic level, would be self-sustaining. Initial co-operation on partial, but well-focused projects would get the internal dynamics of the community going, leading it to further co-operation. Cooperation in one sector would gradually require co-operation in other sectors (Lindberg, 1963: 10-11). Economic inter-dependence would be the drive behind this movement towards integration, which would proceed quasi-automatically “functional spillover”, not political decision, i.e. an overarching public political agreement or a constitution. The consideration here was that the political sphere can be separated from the socio-economic sphere the creation of a world central banking system and that political union would come, if at all, at the end of a long process of economic engagement and intradependence. Bibliography on the Garment Industry Entrepreneurship in the garment industry – particularly in its golden age, from 1860 to 1975 – was a crucial element not only in the history of New York City’s economy (and the U.S. economy), but also in its social history and the rise of the Jewish middle class. Yet while the labor side of this rich industrial history has been well told, surprisingly little has been written about the business side. A bibliography, primarily intended for use by business historians interested in pursuing scholarship in this fertile field, is now available, compiled by Shirley Idelson. It includes primary and secondary sources on traditional business concerns such as manufacturing, retail, entrepreneurship and management as well as related topics like immigration, fashion, labor, and gender. A dictatorship is a nation ruled with absolute power, in the absence of a democratic process, and typically under the thumb of a single authority figure. In a military dictatorship, this authority usually heads the nation’s armed forces. A military dictatorship often comes to power by subverting the existing seat of government — sometimes though claims of corruption, weakness, or ineffectiveness — and which subsequently uses the military to establish its own brand of law and order. Military dictatorships will frequently prioritize law and order over due process, civil liberties, or political freedoms. Dissent or political opposition can be dangerous or even deadly for those living under a military dictatorship.