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Now that you have the time and the inclination, you want to add some deeper meaning to your life. I sent out several applications to local vendors to get lines of credit. They all got approved. I now own a chainsaw from the local hardware store (because I can), an electric lawnmower from Lowes, solar panels for the garden from the local garden supply store, and $300 window blinds from Home Depot. High Court: Court above the Circuit Court with full jurisdiction to decide all matters of law and fact. High Court judges – male and female – are normally addressed as My Lord”. Cuba once enjoyed the second-highest standard of living in Latin America, prior to the takeover by Castro. Castro learned Marxist ideology from the murderer, much beloved by American Socialists, Che Guevara. A third group of liberal-left students, who were in and near the University Affairs committee … Read the rest


ComDoc is a document imaging solutions partner, providing products, services, support and solutions to businesses of all sizes. It is all about making people do what they do not want to do. People naturally want to be FREE. And without Economic Freedom you are not free. In the end the Socialist State builds the first walls in human history not designed to keep invaders out but to keep its own citizens from fleeing. To MAKE them stay where they do not want to stay. One of the main corporate jobs is at a call center. These individuals provide service to customers to help answer important questions and provide tech support for products. These centers offer more than just phone call operations however. You can get a job as an installation sales man, service positions, and more. If you want something like this, then be prepared to speak with a lot … Read the rest

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India is a democratic country with sovereign socialist secular parliamentary form of government. 4 Nancy Shoemaker, An Aliance beween Men: Gender Metaphors in Eighteenth Century American Indian Diplomacy East of the Mississippi” Ethnohistory. 46:2 (Spring 1999):244. Access to ILO Databases at the International Labour Organization. The ILO’s main databases include: Labordoc, the library’s catalogue; ILOLEX database on international labour standards; LABORSTA database of labour statistics covering the economically active population, employment, unemployment, wages and related variables; NATLEX information on national laws including labour, social security and related human rights issues; ATLAS information system. We have seen capitalism when it is unrestricted. The financial collapse of 2008 was a direct result of the reckless and unregulated nature of our economy. Ayn Rand’s prodigy, Alan Greenspan (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), even admitted after the collapse that he was wrong. Our economy could not self-regulate. The human need for greed is … Read the rest

Basic Nature And Essential Characteristics Of Criminal Law

Today as majority of the employees tend to spend more than eight to nine hours in an office; it is important to have the right kind of office equipment to ensure their comfort so that they are able to focus in their work. Constitution of the Disabled Peoples’ International (1981) – Revised April 1993. A judgment entered in favor of one party when the opposing party fails to appear or participate in a legal action. For example, when a defendant fails to file an answer within the time allowed or fails to appear at trial or otherwise provide a defense. Throughout the sources analyzing the impact of the Indian Boarding School Movement on Haudenosaunee life, two divergent arguments arise in the study of the movement’s effects on Haudenosaunee women’s’ roles. Whereas empirical historians and feminist historians argue that the impact of the IBSM on Haudenosaunee women’s roles was minimal and … Read the rest

Summer For The Gods By Edward Larson

Troubleshooting office phone system issues at your business may be something that can be done before users call a phone system technician. House Republican officials said the first budget blueprint of the 114th Congress will not stray far from the plans drafted by Representative Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin and the departing Budget Committee chairman. Those plans, passed along party lines three times since Republicans took control of the House in 2011, were never going anywhere with the Senate in Democratic hands. On Sunday, September 24, the German people voted once again for Angela Merkel as their chancellor. Her victory was overshadowed by the entry of a far-right AfD party into Parliament for the first time in more than 60 years. The strong showing by the AfD was attributed to voter anger over immigration and inequality. Ms. Merkel and her center-right Christian Democrats won, but is was weakened victory, … Read the rest

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A crime is anything that is illegal. 7 The main macroeconomic aggregate in Yugoslavia was Social Product”, corresponding to Gross Material Product: it was the value added of the productive” sectors of the economy, thus excluding most non-productive” sectors such as education, health, defence, banking, and other services. In this sense it is similar to the concept of Net Material Product that was used in other socialist countries, but differs from such a concept because it is gross of depreciation. Communist party control of the economy was eliminated with the passage from a one-party to a multiparty political system, following the first multi-party elections held in all Yugoslav republics during 1990. Planning and other non-market mechanisms of resource allocation and policy coordination, such as medium term (five-year) plans or social compacts, had already lost relevance in Yugoslavia by the late 1980s. Other institutional features of the socialist economic system were … Read the rest

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Now that you have the time and the inclination, you want to add some deeper meaning to your life. But on this question, too, the traditions vary. Communists, when in power, have done away with markets and private property. Democratic socialists say that in principle they hope capitalism will disappear over the long run , but in the meantime they advocate piecemeal changes in the ownership and control of economic resources — bank nationalization, for instance. (Democratic socialists have never fully held power anywhere, so their programs remain largely theoretical.) And social democrats have focused on redistributing the fruits of markets and private enterprise rather than abolishing them. Most of the policies advocated by politicians like Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — including universal health care, free college education, and higher wealth and income taxes — are clearly achievable within a capitalist system. Such a society would be … Read the rest

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Ever since the organisastion of societies in different forms came about, conflicts in the manner of assuming, conferring or exercising of authority and rights and contingent duties for the accepted ideals have been considered in great detail by eminent thinkers. Pro Se – (pronounced pro say) Latin phrase that means for himself. A person who represents himself in court alone without the help of a lawyer is said to appear pro se. A writ that a court issues directing a public officer to perform or not perform a particular legal duty. In those days, it didn’t flash up on the police computer immediately whether you had a licence or insurance. You were given a “producer” – a small, white slip with the date and time you were stopped – and asked to take your driving licence, MOT certificate and insurance into a police station within seven days. Bernie is a … Read the rest

Structuralism And Pierre Bourdieu

Clive Hamilton’s Quarterly Essay, “What’s Left? GC&CS was the source of Ultra intelligence, which was very useful. The chief of SIS, Stewart Menzies insisted on wartime control of codebreaking, and this gave him immense power and influence, which he used judiciously. By distributing the Ultra material collected by the Government Code & Cypher School, for the first time, MI6 became an important branch of the government. Extensive breaches of Nazi Enigma signals gave Menzies and his team enormous insight into Adolf Hitler’s strategy and forward planning and the ability to do this was kept a closely held secret and continued to do so long after the end of the war. Compensation – Payment made to compensate for loss or injury to a person or property. Beginning in November 2008, eleven concept stores featuring a broader array of small business technology services were launched, which are known within the company as … Read the rest

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On February 8, 2008 President Vladimir Putin of Russia made an extraordinary speech at the Expanded Meeting of the State Council. The individual discourse on disability is allied to World Health Organisation pronouncements, as for example, by the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. It owed its existence to advances in science and medicine which placed disabled individuals into medical categories for the convenience of medical practitioners and other health professionals. This, though eminently practical and appropriate at the time, was later experienced by the disabled population as an oppressive situation. They felt themselves labelled, manipulated, and powerless vis-a-vis their own bodies and personhood. In the 15th century, the European monarchies launched an age of nautical exploration. As merchants and conquerors voyaged in search of new lands, they found indigenous cultures whose technology and way of life they viewed as primitive. As was the tendency of European monarchies, British, … Read the rest