“You Are Welcome Here!” – Minneapolis Adds ‘Welcome’ Signs to Four Layers of Fencing Around Courthouse for Officer Derek Chauvin-George Floyd’s Murder Trial

Minneapolis added signage to the four layers of fencing around its courthouse in preparations for this week’s hearing on the death of George Floyd.  The courthouse ‘welcomes’ visitors at the same time noting it is a ‘restricted’ area.

Starting a few weeks ago Minneapolis began adding fencing around its courthouse in preparation for this week’s trial involving police officer Derek Chauvin who is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

They Must Be Worried: Minneapolis Adds 4th Layer of Fencing Outside Courthouse – Spends Over $1 Million on Social Media Influencers Before Derek Chauvin Trial

Over the weekend signage was added to the fencing.  One sign (noted above) warns that the courthouse is a restricted area.  Another sign welcomes visitors (below):

This confusing signage is as confusing as the case itself.  According to CBS former policeman Derek Chauvin is accused of murdering Floyd:

Chauvin, who

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Former DNI Ratcliffe: “What Happened on January 6th was Preventable and it was a Failure of Leadership in Our Law Enforcement” (VIDEO)

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

During the interview, Bartiromo asked Ratcliffe about the intelligence failures prior to the January 6th protests on the US Capitol.

Former DNI John Ratcliffe: What happened on January 6th was terrible. We can all agree on that. But we also know it was preventable. There was intelligence. This was not an intelligence failure. There was a situational report out of the FBI, a field office not three hours from Washington DC that said the day before, not 24 hours before, that domestic extremists were intent on going to the Capitol, used the word “creating war,” targeting members of Congress even maps of the tunnel system of the Capitol. And what you heard the FBI Director testify this week, accurately, that he wasn’t made aware of it for some reason and, of course, I was

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“Finish What President Trump Started”-Texas Rep Introduces Bill To Finish Border Wall In Texas

Texas State Rep. Bryan Slayton (R) has introduced a bill to finish the border wall in Texas.

From The Texan.news:

Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Canton) filed legislation on Thursday to direct the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to finish former President Trump’s border wall project using state funds.
The state representative contended that President Biden should not stop Texans from finishing what the last administration started.

“President Trump fought to bring real border

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is Wanting to Run Again in 2022. With His Role in the 2020 Election, This May Not Be a Good Idea.


On November 23, 2020, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp certified the results of the 2020 election for Joe Biden.  In announcing this action the Governor shared the following:

Earlier today, Secretary Raffensperger presented the certified results of the 2020 general election to my office. Following Judge Grimberg’s ruling yesterday, state law now requires the Governor’s Office to formalize the certification, which paves the way for the Trump campaign to pursue other legal options and a separate recount if they choose. Georgia has runoff elections for two U.S. Senate seats and a Public Service Commissioner scheduled to occur over the next several weeks. We demand complete explanations for all the discrepancies identified so that our citizens will have complete confidence in our elections. In the runoff election, we cannot have lost memory cards or stacks of uncounted ballots. We must have full transparency in all monitoring and counting. Every legal vote

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NOT MAKING HEADLINES: Antifa Members Caught with Gun at Jan 6th Protests, Arrested then Released — SOMEONE NOTIFY CROOKED CHRIS WRAY

Earlier this week FBI Chief Chris Wray lied to the US Senate and claimed there was no evidence Antifa members played a role during the January 6th US Capitol protests.

Wray Says No Evidence Antifa, Left-Wing Groups Played a Role in January 6 Capitol Riot (VIDEO)

Chris Wray also said there was no evidence of Antifa members dressed as Trump supporters at the January 6th protests.
This was another lie.

Seriously?… FBI Director Chris Wray Testifies There Is No Evidence of “Fake Trump Supporters” at US Capitol During Riot

The disparity between how federal prosecutors apply the law to Trump supporters and those associated with Antifa is anything but equal.

Below are two such cases that occurred in the same D.C. locale, on the same day and arrested for the same offense.
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Blood on Hands of Open Borders Biden: Horrific California Crash Involved Human Smuggling of Illegals, Over a Dozen Killed

The SUV with about two dozen people crammed in it that was involved in a horrific crash with a tractor trailer in Holtville, California on Monday that killed over a dozen people was part of a cross-border smuggling operation according to sources within Customs and Border Patrol, Fox News reported.

There has been a surge of illegal border crossings since Joe Biden took office. Biden has very publicly reversed President Trump’s tight border and immigration controls with promises of amnesty and allowing thousands of unaccompanied migrant children into the country. The Biden administration refuses to say there is a crisis at the border, instead calling it a “challenge.”

A section of border wall built in the 2000s was cut down near Holtville and two vehicles crossed through. Border Patrol caught the second vehicle and arrested 19 people but was not in pursuit of the SUV when the deadly crash happened.… Read the rest

The U.S. Scientific Establishment Conducted De Facto COVID-19 Briefings for the Chinese Military in May 2020

Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, PhD

The US scientific establishment held calls with Chinese counterparts in May last year regarding the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19).  The problem is, the Chinese on the calls are connected to the Chinese military.

In a previous article, I described how, in February 2020, the U.S. National Academy of Science and some members of the U.S. scientific establishment appear to have helped China cover-up the laboratory origin of the COVID-19 virus.

EXCLUSIVE: New Evidence Shows U.S. Government and the American Scientific Establishment Involved in Cover Up of COVID-19’s Origin

Ironically, one of the recommendations arising from that initial fiasco was to increase U.S. scientific interaction with China, a decision which led to yet another blunder because the same politically-motivated or naive advisors were again engaged in the effort.

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STOP THE STEAL: GOP Lawmakers in Swing States Move to Prevent Democrat Fraud and Return Voting Systems to Pre-2020 Rules

Democrat election violations: (left to right) Secret ballot counting in Georgia, Secret ballot deliveries at 3:30 AM in Detroit, Blocking observers from viewing inside the TCF Center in Detroit

At midnight on election night, President Trump warned his supporters not to let Democrats “find any votes at 4 in the morning.”

** President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania by nearly 700,000 votes.
** In Michigan Trump was ahead by over 300,000 votes.
** In Wisconsin Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes.

Trump was also ahead in Georgia and Nevada.

And President Trump already trounced Joe Biden in Ohio, Florida, and Iowa — three states that ALWAYS go to the eventual presidential winner.

Then suddenly Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin announced they would not be announcing their winner that night. This was an unprecedented and coordinated move in US history.

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Ivy League University Offers Rock Climbing Class — No White Students Allowed

Cornell University was offering a racially-segregated rock climbing class for their students physical education — but no white students allowed.

The physical education class, “BIPOC Rock Climbing,” was originally slated to be restricted to “people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color.”

After Campus Reform reached out the university for comment about the discrimination, the course description was edited to state that the class is “designed to enable Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color underrepresented in the sport of rock climbing to learn the sport and to feel included and supported.”

The original listing for the course, set to begin during the Spring 2021 academic semester, was archived and can be viewed here.

“Graduates of this course will have the knowledge and skills to push themselves to new challenges while climbing safely and responsibly. We will also talk about BIPOC individuals and

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INSANITY: Crazy Biden Green Czar Pushes for More Chinese Wind Turbines After They Freeze Up During Historic Texas Cold Snap

A historic winter storm and cold blast caused chaos in Texas last week.

Power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas early on Monday morning and lasted for days. This meant hundreds of thousands of Texans are without electricity for short periods of time. Temperatures fell into the teens near Dallas and 20s around Houston.

According to reports nearly half of the wind energy is down in West Texas after the turbines froze.

Seven days later the data shows that wind-power was the chief cause of the massive power outage.

Via Zero Hedge:

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