Clive Hamilton’s Quarterly Essay, “What’s Left? Throughout Tom Porter’s And Grandma Said… Iroquois Teachings as Passed down through the Oral Tradition, Porter uses firsthand accounts of students of the IBSM to reinforce his argument that the IBSM greatly altered Haudenosaunee women’s roles by displacing traditional longhouse teachings from Haudenosaunee society. Porter argues that the resulting change in gender roles among Haudenosaunee populations reflects the intended assimilation of Native American populations by the Federal Government of the United States.Porter uses stories of Haudenosaunee oral tradition recounting the importance of women on political and spiritual levels to provide insight into the role women played in Haudenosaunee culture before the cultural loss experienced during the IBSM. 1 Due to the loss of traditional Haudenosaunee cultural knowledge resulting from the training of female students for domestic vocations 2 in IBSM schools often operated by Christian religious clergy, 3 Porter attributes this loss to the implementation of the IBSM by the Federal Government. 4 Native American author Carter Revard suggested that a historian studying the effects of the IBSM on Haudenosaunee women’s roles must investigate the extent to which the Christianizing efforts of the IBSM were successful in Haudenosaunee communities. 5 Revard contended that the extent to which the conversion of Haudenosaunee students by IBSM schools affected the political sphere of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy would parallel the potential loss of traditional women’s roles due to the extensive ties between Haudenosaunee political and spiritual realms. Such insinuations are enlightening, and require further investigation before a conclusion regarding the religious implications of the IBSM can be made. As to your second post, we agree that the two political party system isn’t working very well. And, too much concentration in too few corporations is not good for the economy. That’s why we have anti-monopoly laws, which clearly need to be revisited. In such a new dispensation our political system, while retaining the label democracy”, would in practice be describable as competitive authoritarianism”. Elections would be held without fail, but only in order to affirm the supreme leader’s popularity. Instead of being one among many episodes in a representative democracy, elections might then become the only available democratic episodes. Any form of political contestation outside the electoral arena – dissent, protests, and human-rights struggle or civil-society activism – would be ruthlessly suppressed. For its survival and popular endorsement, the second republic’s ruling dispensation would depend on occasional electoral endorsement, a massive propaganda machine, formal and informal regimentation of the independent” media, indirect control of the judiciary and other autonomous” institutions, continuous crusades against internal enemies”, and regular military adventures, especially preceding an election.

Permanent Injunction – A court order requiring that some action be taken or that some party refrain from taking action for an indefinite period. Many people use the term socialism to describe behavior in which a government takes on a larger role in the economy. For example, many opponents claim that President Barack Obama is a socialist because he takes the position that the government should be involved in many aspects of people’s lives and because he believes that people have a shared responsibility to each other. Hey just thought I’d let you know that there’s an article about this topic in this month’s issue of “The Progressive.” The ACLU is working on the case of an antiwar protester with no criminal record who suddenly showed up in a terrorist database. It turned out the state police had sent a woman to infiltrate this group (of five people!) with no criminal history, and for over a year she reported no reason for concern and no violent or criminal activity on the part of the group or the guy, and the next thing he knows he shows up in a database as a known terrorist. The judge’s written directions to a jury concerning the laws relevant to the case under consideration. A set of jury instructions is given to the jury just prior to its deliberations. Simply put, Socialism is a trade off. A people must give up freedom for security. It is just that simple. IF you would be a free people, then you cannot allow socialism, in any form, in your country’s government. If, on the other hand, you wish to be secure, from want and fear, then you absolutely MUST give up your freedom. That is the choice. 1.2.11 1855: On the petition of the East India Company, the Third Charter of Justice was granted to help ease the increasing legal workload. However, the Third Charter did not improve the state of affairs. With the abolition of the East India Company in 1858, the Straits Settlements was transferred to the Indian Government. However, there were pockets of unhappiness with the Straits Settlements being administered out of India as it tended to result in their interests being relegated, if not neglected. Surveys show that, while not every socialism-linked candidate fared well in 2018’s primaries , feelings about socialism in the United States have become downright warm: A University Chicago survey of 18-to-34-year-olds, from this May, found that 61% of millennial Democrats express favorable views toward Socialism.” One Gallup poll from a few months later reported that more Democrats hold positive views” of socialism than of capitalism, at 57% versus 47%.

Presentment – A written accusation of a crime initiated by a grand jury, as opposed to an indictment in response to a government suit. The words ‘in the vicinity’ generally mean near to or nearby. The courts were required to consider the meaning of ‘in the vicinity’ in a case that involved the Official Secrets Act 1920. This Act made it an offence for anyone to obstruct members of the armed forces in the vicinity of any prohibited place. A prohibited place included air force bases. In the case of Adler v George 1964 2QB 7, the defendant was arrested on an air force base. The defendant argued that the meaning of ‘in the vicinity’ meant near to and not on. The court agreed that ‘in the vicinity’ meant near to but decided that it was reasonable to interpret the Act as covering being on the prohibited place. This was a reasonable meaning because of the behaviour the Act was trying to prevent. An initial pleading, also called a petition, containing a plaintiff’s basis for a claim and demand for relief, which begins a civil lawsuit. An amended complaint is a complaint that modifies and replaces the original complaint. That said, in the short term, we have seen democracies being abused for personal gain in many mostly democratic countries. The many cases of mega corruption that have come to light in democratic countries in Latin America ( Lava Jato, or Car Wash , in Brazil, and the Odebrecht cases all over the continent) are ample evidence of this. Even the United States has been far from impervious to the subversion of democracy by a would-be autocrat. THE PRESIDENT: And the closer we get, the more desperate they get. I mean, over the last few weeks the rhetoric has just been cranked up to a place I’ve never seen before. One congressman said that Obamacare is the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed.” (Laughter.) Ever. In the history of America, this is the most dangerous piece of legislation. (Laughter.) Creating a marketplace so people can buy group insurance plans – the most dangerous ever. As a Member State of the Council of Europe, the UK is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The Human Rights Act 1998, which came into effect in October 2000, enables all the courts in the UK to protect the rights identified in the ECHR. There is a limit to the extent to which common law judges, however creative or activist”, can reform an out-of-date law, particularly if it derives from a statute. In such circumstances, only Parliament can change the law. The need for such a change often follows a period of research and consultation by the Law Commission, which was set up to review and propose reform to old or inadequate laws.

The most notable of these institutions that socialize elites across national borders and provide the rationale and impetus for empire are an interlocking network of international think tanks. In 1921, British and American elite academics got together with major international banking interests to form two sister institutes” called the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) in London, now known as Chatham House, and the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States. Indicators in this domain assess the extent to which migrants have the same status as citizens in terms of access to basic social services such as health, education, and social security. It also describes the rights of migrants to family reunification, to work, and to residency and citizenship. The ratification of the main international conventions is also included within this domain. Constitutional democracies are a popular form of democracy around the world. We’ll talk about a few countries that use constitutional democracy below, but if you’re interested in a full list, you can find that here. One of the main benefits of working in public law is that if you have a genuine interest in politics, how leading authorities govern society, or protecting citizens from unfair policies that infringe their rights, you will get to experience all of these. While it may be tempting to try to avoid the expense of hiring an attorney for the less serious offenses, it is wise not to underestimate the consequences of inexperienced defense. What might result in a simple fine or slap on the wrist in adult court could lead to a minor’s removal from his home to a juvenile detention center. Likewise, an overworked and underpaid court-appointed lawyer could be the unwitting catalyst to your child’s incarceration. Motion to dismiss – In a civil case, a request to a judge by the defendant, asserting that even if all the allegations are true, the plaintiff is not entitled to any legal relief and thus the case should be dismissed. Your quotes contradict each other. A republic is a form of democracy. An immediate gain may be ascertained in this short read (116 pages long), a significant contribution to the labor movement, society, philosophy and human organization in general. This exposition is a valuable insight into what may be possible for human kind, if we are to rise to our bench-marked potential as a species and achieve what should be possible. Rocker discusses many suppressed measurements in our lives and their forbearance on the development of intellectualism, education, culture, liberation and community. He reveals the struggle that we all have faced in our development and suffrage. I would present this book as a ‘must read’ perhaps more so than any other I have journeyed. Speaking in generalities, “Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice” shows us the divergence that is possible, equally if not more beneficial, efficient and desirable when compared, contrasted and juxtaposed to “market capitalism”.