The transformation of the very content of the concept of security, whose formulation was based on the analysis of safety risks and forms of threats to security of the people, property and the state as a whole, began internationally after the end of the Cold War. What we have left is a Republican Party obsessed with ideological purity and a Democratic Party bent on righteousness. The two sides are finding it harder to work together now, at a time when the country probably needs compromise the most. The effect of this extreme partisanship is that, while Democrats and Republicans slug it out, the silent majority of Americans, such as Independents, and those drawn to third party candidates, are increasingly disenchanted by a political system they see as corrupt and inefficient. The American Medical Association asks the Federal government to reclassify marijuana so scientific tests can be performed on the plant without breaking any laws. Note on the references to “vulnerable”: It is true that LSD was created by the CIA for purposes of mind control and they experimented upon middle class white American kids. Now is it possible to be more evil than to experiment upon children and to develop mind control? Probably not. Slavery and genocide are at the bottom of the barrel as far as evil goes but this mind control stuff might as well be included in the list of worst sins. Do not take my word for it. Do your own research. The government itself created the hippie movement because after Timothy Leary’s followers lost interest in both the government and in Timothy Leary, they went off to start the hippie movement. Our striking-power has been given the mission of changing this abstract certainty into reality: the order is given to reduce the inhabitants of the annexed country to the level of superior monkeys in order to justify the settler’s treatment of them as beasts of burden. Violence in the colonies does not only have for its aim the keeping of these enslaved men at arm’s length; it seeks to dehumanize them. Under common law, when a person committed a major crime that included a lesser offense, the latter merged with the former. This meant that the accused could not be charged with both crimes. The modern law of merger applies only to solicitation and attempt. One who solicits another to commit a crime may not be convicted of both the solicitation and the completed crime. Likewise, a person who attempts and completes a crime may not be convicted of both the attempt and the completed crime. Whereas, in America, as I’ve been told by Americans time and time again, Americans prefer to take care of themselves, and much rather have a Laissez-faire government. The goal of Socialists is for EVERYBODY to receive exactly the same education. That is “fairness” and “Social Justice.” The fact that it dumbs down the nation and lowers our national achievement is not considered to be important.

The first socialist, secular, democratic republic” operated for 70 years on the famous Congress system of loot by consensus, which disproportionately enriched the politicians, the Babus of all types, the protected industry owners, their brokers and the intellectual parasites. Brad ~ Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I appreciate your excellent comments as well. Why Google doesn’t want to work with our government but will work with China is because Google is anti-Christian and pro-Socialism, two powerful traits it shares with the Chinese government. I think most of the people at Google hate America and would aid and abet our enemies in a heartbeat. The 1938 decision was later amended so that the federal government could develop a common law based on uniquely federal interests, such as war, foreign policy, taxation, etc. Estoppel: Rule of evidence which prevents a person from relying on facts when, by deed, word or action, he has led another person to act to his detriment on those facts. Estoppel is a defence, not a cause of action. Anyone who wishes to rely on the defence of estoppel to defend an action must plead it. Just as elites seek to re-imagine and recreate our world, we too, can do the same. This must begin with the human understanding, where we enter into a new Renaissance or Enlightenment, not western, but global; where the people communicate and interact with each other on a personal basis, not through elite structures. Another great leader of the anti-apartheid movement was Desmond Tutu. An Anglican cleric, he became Secretary of the South African Council of Churches in the late 1970’s and began speaking out against the apartheid system. He continued to draw international attention to South Africa throughout the 1980’s. In 1984, he was recognized for his efforts with a Nobel Peace Prize. Some skeptics of the democratic-peace proposition point out that democracies sometimes have sponsored covert action or “state terrorism” against other democracies. Examples include U.S. actions in Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, and Chile in 1973. 66 This argument does not undermine the claim that democracies will not sponsor terrorism against the United States. In each case, the target state had dubious democratic credentials. U.S. actions amounted to interference in internal affairs, but not terrorism as it is commonly understood. And the perpetrator of the alleged “state terrorist” acts in each case was the United States itself, which suggests that the United States has little to fear from other democracies.

In the magistrates’ court, cases are generally heard by a group of three magistrates, one of whom acts as a chairperson. The magistrates make their decisions based on the facts and the law. They fulfil the role of both judge and jury. Not to say the President really does much whoever is in power. President of Capitalism is Capital. President Corporate. Same goes for Socialism. Capitalist dictators will give you the option, spoon or belt. Socialist will choose for you. Either way you get beat. Social media can pose new challenges to democracy. Spending more time online, often with complete strangers, creates situations where people are misled by false information resulting in their swiftly believing the worst of those who bear different views. Laws must not violate the constitution. The United States Constitution guarantees such things as the right to free speech, freedom of religion, and due process of law, which means the right to notice, and in most cases, a trial before one can be deprived of liberty or property. Yiddish Collection at the International Institute of Social History A guide to Yiddish books, brochures, periodicals and pamphlets of the early Jewish socialist and anarchist movement in Eastern and Western Europe. A supplies inventory helps the office manager to keep track of stationery and office equipment at all times. A list should be made of all supplies at the outset and usage of those supplies tracked over the course of a normal month. When usage patterns have been identified, reordering levels can be established so when the amount of a product falls below a specified level, new supplies can be reordered, which is particularly important for frequently used products such as paper and ink cartridges. 3. Democratic republic based on an extended territory divided into states with representatives. House of Representatives and the Senate. Many feel that we are a crumbling nation, a nation without a heart, without a home. The Trump Administration has held office for four days, and things are already starting to turn to destruction. It was Karl Marx , undoubtedly the most influential theorist of socialism, who called Owen, Fourier and other earlier socialist thinkers utopians,” and dismissed their visions as dreamy and unrealistic. For Marx, society was made up of classes: When certain classes controlled the means of production, they used that power to exploit the labor class. But Roosevelt, and the American Left, changed that. The Left decided the agreement, the contract, if you will, between the people of the US and their government was backwards. They decided that instead of the people deciding the powers granted to the government, the government would grasp power and the government would decide the limits of the people’s freedom and the sovereignty of the people! No longer would the people dictate to the government. Now, the government dictates to the people. The government is no longer OF the people. It is run, and ruled over, by bureaucrats and intellectual elites who know better, what you need and want, than you do! What we have today is a government running this country, which has never stood for election… ever! The elected officials are simply shills of that shadow government of bureaucrats and intellectuals who actually pull the strings, and push the buttons.

Socialism, the political economy that for a century dared not speak its name in American domestic politics, is enjoying a return to prominence it hasn’t experienced since the early twentieth century. On the one hand, self-identified democratic socialists” such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have won considerable public approval and support, particularly from younger people. On the other hand, nervous defenders of plutocracy like President Trump have gone out of their way to renew warnings of a socialist threat to American freedom not heard much since the end of the Cold War. America will never be a socialist country,” Trump vowed during this year’s State of the Union address, as though the new Democratic House majority were about to make Kim Jong Un the honorary chair of the Democratic National Committee. Right-wing pundits from Sean Hannity to Dinesh D’Souza issued their own alarmist variations on the theme, which will only continue to metastasize on the right as the unpopular incumbent president gears up for the 2020 general election. 23 Lucien Carr. On the Social and Political Position of Woman Among the Huron-Iroquois Tribes” Annual Report of the Trustees of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology. Vol.3: 207-232. Some of these boosters are USB based. These are the easiest to use and the most portable. The USB type wireless adapters made by Engenius feature a full 500 milliwatts of power, about five times that of a normal wireless adapter. Others plug into the laptop’s PCMCIA card or mini card port but are not as versatile since slot types are always changing. USB ports will be around for a long time to come so I recommend that type of long range wireless adapter. Opinion Letters – Letters written by lawyers providing an opinion to a client about the law; how it applies to a particular situation and the action a client should take. Maduro has also violently cracked down on protests and imprisoned major political rivals He’s postponed state elections originally slated for December 2016 several times out of fear that his party will get wiped out at the polls. And in July 2017, he held a rigged election for a legislative superbody that has effectively replaced the opposition-controlled National Assembly. The personnel with whom you’re working should probably be made aware, if they’re not already, that the U.S. has a covert equivalent of the Civil War brewing within its various federal Agencies. The CIA for example is and always was comprised of two polar opposite factions forced together under one office: the true-blue Patriots who actively seek to keep the Union together and functioning in a proper and healthy way, and the remnants of the Gestapo who amass tons of money through drug trade and promoting a mindset and network of human slavery throughout the Union, increasingly. Within the context of covert geopolitics at least, this is what’s going on through the majority of the federal Agencies. The situation at the moment is rather complex, but cash flow shortfalls and increasingly effective international resistance have been making the scenario a lot more streamlined, to the distinct and clear advantage of the Union’s Patriots. See for more information.