Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics — 8.27.21

Good Friday morning.

ICYMI — Dr. Scott Rivkees is exiting the Ron DeSantis administration.

Florida’s phantom surgeon general is on his way out the door.

Scott Rivkees, we hardly knew you. Literally. Image via WLRN.

Rivkees will leave his position when his contract is up on Sept. 20

“We thank Dr. Rivkees for his meaningful work during the most challenging pandemic of our lifetime. We appreciate his service to the people of Florida and wish him the best in his future endeavors,” DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw said in a statement provided after Florida Politics first reported the news about Rivkees leaving..

A pediatric physician, Rivkees’ selection for Surgeon General in 2019 was panned due to his lack of public health knowledge.

Rivkees was largely absent from public view throughout the pandemic. One of the few appearances he made was noteworthy only because he was yanked from a panel for

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Having seized control of Afghanistan, the Taliban told women to stay at home, supposedly for their own safety. America and other countries advised their citizens not to go to Kabul airport because of the imminent threat of a terrorist attack. The Taliban warned that there would be “consequences” if American troops remained beyond the evacuation deadline of August 31st. Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan’s former president, turned up in the United Arab Emirates. A group of fighters in the Panjshir Valley continued to resist the new regime. See here and here.

The World Bank suspended funding to Afghanistan, in part over concerns that the Taliban would interfere with development projects aimed at women. The IMF

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How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer

It is often stressful for anyone to be involved in a car accident and when dealing with legal procedures. Car accidents are very unpleasant situations because victims might not even be able to hold the parties responsible except they have hired a car accident lawyer.

One of the best decisions to make when you are involved in a car accident is to hire a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. This is because they are experienced and specially trained to represent their clients’ best interests and handle all the legal procedures.

Have a professional and engaging conversation

A professional car accident lawyer provides relevant and sufficient information about their legal procedures, fees, and values while meeting with their clients. You should ask for clarifications whenever you find any of the lawsuit process difficult to understand.

Your car accident lawyer must put in all the required effort so that you are … Read the rest

California Politics: Democrats quickly casting recall ballots

If there’s been one constant in the California recall election, it’s that the political fate of Gov. Gavin Newsom rests on the relative enthusiasm of his fellow Democrats to cast ballots and keep him in office.

Polling from last month suggested there was enough Democratic indifference for Newsom to lose the election — a result that would be an abrupt and historic turn of events for a governor elected less than three years ago by the widest margin in more than a generation.

Now, as election day approaches, we’re getting our first real-time glimpse of voter enthusiasm.

The early numbers look good for Democrats. But Republicans are betting on a late-breaking wave of

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Commander of Afghan forces says they were ‘betrayed by politics and presidents’

Gen. Sami Sadat, a commander in the Afghan National Army, said his forces were “betrayed by politics and presidents” during his fight to keep the Taliban at bay.

Sadat was involved in fighting against the Islamist militant group in southern Afghanistan for the past three months. He was in Kabul as of Aug. 15, but his current whereabouts are unclear.

“I fought day and night, nonstop, in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand Province against an escalating and bloody Taliban offensive,” he wrote Wednesday. “Coming under frequent attack, we held the Taliban back and inflicted heavy casualties.”



“I am exhausted. I am frustrated. And I am angry,” he continued in a New York Times opinion article, noting President Joe Biden’s remark that Afghan allies lost the will to fight the Taliban.

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Renewed fears of political violence grip Capitol Hill ahead of right-wing rally

Now, as security preparations ramp up for a “Justice for J6” rally planned for September 18 on the Capitol grounds, serious discussions are underway about reinstalling the temporary fencing around the Capitol’s perimeter, according to multiple sources familiar with the planning.

Some members of Congress are also amplifying their warnings that far-right conspiracy theories, extremist online rhetoric and the GOP’s continued embrace of former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election could lead to more politically motivated attacks that could impact Capitol Hill and beyond.

“You don’t get an insurrection on January 6 and all threats of violence go away. In fact, the fear is that future planning will produce other violent acts,” said Rep. Madeleine Dean, a Pennsylvania Democrat.

“I’m most concerned for my staff … and I also worry for the Capitol Police,” she added. “They are strained, they have been heroic and they saved all of

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Tito Ortiz done with politics after brief reign as mayor: ‘When they started attacking my character … I knew I needed to walk away’

Tito Ortiz is done with political office after a brief six-month reign as the mayor of Huntington Beach, Calif.

The former UFC champion, who was sworn in as mayor for his hometown this past December, ultimately stepped down in June while offering his resignation after claiming he was a victim of “character assassination” and the constant attacks led him to fear for the safety of his family.

Ortiz was originally elected after earning more than 42,000 votes — the most in the history of the Huntington Beach City Council — but his constant clashes with fellow councilmen and women became a huge distraction over time. At one point back in February, Ortiz was nearly ousted from the job after he refused to wear a face mask to council meetings.

Now as he prepares to face off with Anderson Silva in a boxing match for Triller Fight Club on Sept. 11,

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Malaysia’s political turmoil: Five things to know | Coronavirus pandemic News

Embattled Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is expected to resign on Monday after a tumultuous 17 months in power marked by his government’s poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic and growing division within the ruling coalition, local media reports have said.

He is expected to inform the king of his decision after chairing his last cabinet meeting at 10am (02:00 GMT).

Muhyiddin, who has defied calls for him to step down, held a series of meetings with his party on Sunday after admitting in a televised address last week that he no longer had a majority to rule.

Afterwards, Mohamad Redzuan Yusof, a minister in the prime minister’s department, told online newspaper Malaysiakini that Muhyiddin had told the party he planned to resign the following day.

The political upheaval comes amid rising public anger at the continued surge in coronavirus cases despite months of various levels of lockdown.

Many Malaysians

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Personal injury and accidents

The law provides that a person may recover damages caused by another person(s) unlawfully.  The reasons for which any person may file a legal claim in court for personal, property, emotional or labor damages, among others, whether caused intentionally or unintentionally, may result in compensation to the injured party and penalization of the person causing the damage.

You may hear lawyers or others refer to this area of law as “tort or tortious act”.  This part of the law – also known as personal injury – does not cover damage to property, but tortious acts such as bodily injury or emotional harm.

It is an unfortunate reality that someone may get seriously injured or killed as a result of someone else’s carelessness, negligence or inattention to safety. People who have suffered loss or injury may be entitled to fight for compensation and justice by looking for any injury lawyers who … Read the rest

What Should You Know About Accident Injury Claims?

Being injured in car accidents automatically brings forth several questions. You might end up worrying about paying for the medical care you need and it is always possible you have no idea how to start a claims process.

What is important is that claiming injury compensation can quickly become really complicated. It is important to seriously consider hiring car accident lawyers since they know exactly what has to be done. You most likely do not know the law and your rights. Regardless of the final choice, there are a few things everyone should know about accident injury claims.

You Need To Prove What Happened

If you want to receive compensation because you suffered injuries, you are the one that needs to prove someone else caused the harm. Fault might be obvious in some situations, but this is not always the case. You can be sure that insurance firms will argue … Read the rest