Wuhan Lab Partner Dr. Ralph Baric Reviewed Coronavirus Vaccine in December 2019 – After Scheming in 2018 on How to Make Money from Pandemic

Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC in 2018.

When did Doctors Fauci and Baric find out about the China coronavirus leak in Wuhan and how did they know it? 

Why was the US investigating the coronavirus vaccine before the Western world even knew about it?

On April 9, 2020, we were the first media outlet to report on major events leading up to the China coronavirus leak that we suspected came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  We were able to determine Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team that was working on a coronavirus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky.

After the US research project was shut down, Dr. Shi continued her coronavirus research in Wuhan, China.

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan After US Project Was Shut Down by

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Democrats, McConnell just told you who he is, again. Stop. Him.

Mitch McConnell has once again told the world precisely who he is. Remember, this is the guy who happily embraces his nicknames: the Grim Reaper and Cocaine Mitch. He brags that he called himself “Darth Vader” during his efforts to kill campaign finance reform at the behest of huge corporate interests. Monday morning he went on the Hugh Hewitt radio show, one of his favorite confessionals, and reiterated for everyone to hear that he is evil. Whether Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema—or any Democrat who is opposed to expanding the court—will hear that and whether will sink into their thick skulls is the real question.

Making sure that President Barack Obama did not get Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court was “the single most consequential thing I’ve done in my time as majority leader of the Senate,” he said. “I preserved the Scalia vacancy for the Gorsuch appointment.” He’s rewriting his constitutional … Read the rest

Wisconsin Election Audit Actions to Date Are a Joke – Why Is Wisconsin Happy With 143,000 Votes Dropped for Biden the Day After the Election?

The people of Wisconsin need to stand up and follow the lead in Arizona.  There were 143,000 ballots for Biden only that were dropped early in the morning, the day after the election.  All of American knows these ballots were fraudulent.  If you want to prevent this from ever happening again you need to demand a forensic audit like the one in Arizona to be performed in your state.  

The current actions by the legislature in Wisconsin have been pathetic.  The legislature is showing that they don’t want to get to the bottom of the fraud in the 2020 election.

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Republican Legislative Members’ Actions Show They Believe the 143,000 Biden Ballots Dropped at 3am on Nov 4 Are Fine

Wisconsin’s Speaker has said he was hiring three retired cops to look at the past election.  What is this when Arizona had around 400 volunteers and paid individuals perform … Read the rest

New Brennan Center study shows Manchin's insistence on bipartisan voting protections is ludicrous

When Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia shot down Democrats’ signature voting rights legislation in an op-ed last week, he said that protecting voting rights “should never be done in a partisan manner.”

But a new Brennan Center analysis of the voter suppression laws sweeping the nation shows what a preposterous and indeed hypocritical position that is. The center’s examination of the 24 state-level voting restriction laws enacted as of early June proves the suppression efforts have been an almost exclusively Republican enterprise.

“Overall, we find that these new laws were enacted as part of an overwhelmingly partisan Republican push,” reads the report. “Republicans introduced and drove virtually all of the bills that impose new voting restrictions, and the harshest new laws were passed with almost exclusively Republican votes and signed into law by Republican governors.”

Still somehow Manchin insists that GOP lawmakers at the federal level are both interested in and … Read the rest

Two Boston Schools Officials Resign After Anti-White Racist Texts Leak

Two Boston school Committee members, including Chair Alexandra Oliver-Davila, have resigned after anti-white racist texts leaked online.

The texts, sent in 2020, were about how she was sick of white parents of students in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.

Chair Oliver-Davila resigned on Tuesday, and Member Lorna Rivera – a professor at UMass-Boston – resigned on June 4.

The exchange included the two women saying that they’re sick of “Westie whites.”

“Best school committee meeting ever,” Oliver-Dávila texted to Rivera, adding, “I’m trying not to cry,” because of what the Globe called “the outpouring of support” for a proposal to eliminate the requirement of standardized testing for admission to the city’s schools.

“Wait until the white racists start yelling at us,” Rivera replied.

Oliver-Dávila responded by saying, “Whatever. They’re delusional.” Later texting, “I hate WR,” referring to West Roxbury, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Boston.

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Trump's toxic presence in Republican state party politics is being entirely underestimated

When Donald Trump reentered the public spotlight last weekend at the North Carolina Republican Party Convention, the first thing he did was upend the GOP primary for the state’s open Senate seat. Trump welcomed far-right Rep. Ted Budd to the stage and promptly gave him a surprise endorsement, leaving two other top Republican contenders to pick up the pieces.

One of them, former Gov. Pat McCrory, held an impromptu news conference in which he tried to convince reporters that Trump’s endorsement fell “flat” with the room of attendees, according to The Washington Post.

Trump ally and former Rep. Mark Walker was also likely caught off guard by his change of fortunes, since he had just won the straw poll—an informal gauge of who attendees hope will prevail in the GOP primary.

Get ready to see a lot more mayhem in critical battleground states as Trump ramps up his rallies … Read the rest

FINALLY, A SOLUTION TO VOTER ID LAWS: NC Republicans Push Legislation to Fund Mobile Voter ID Machine for Those Legal Voters without Proper ID

Finally, a solution to Voter ID Laws!
North Carolina Republicans are pushing legislation to fund a mobile voter ID machine for those legal voters who do not possess the proper documents to vote.

Senate Bill 724 takes away ANY racist excuse Democrats can argue about the lack of voter IDs for certain populations in the state.

And it secures the state election from fraudulent voters.

Democrats are not sure how they will vote on it.

The Carolina Journal reported:

Senate Bill 725 would prohibit private funding of elections administration, as sponsors argue private interests paying for vote collection and counting raises natural suspicions about election integrity. This speaks directly to revelations that organizations funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg put money into elections administration in target districts across the country — to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Millions of those dollars were directed to select districts in
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Republicans are trying to break Dr. Anthony Fauci, because they can't him to join them in lies

For weeks, right-wing media—and all too often the media in general—has been reporting “mounting evidence” in favor of the idea that the virus behind COVID-19 escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China. Republicans have been seizing on this supposed evidence not just as a means of inexplicably “redeeming” Donald Trump (because somehow saying “China virus” enough times means that Trump’s actions didn’t kill 900,000 Americans), but also for the purposes of waging an all-out slander war on Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

From the beginning of the pandemic, Fauci’s attempts to provide reasonable and straightforward advice on how to handle the pandemic clashed with Trump’s efforts to downplay the threat, praise an ineffective drug as a “miracle cure,” and inject Americans with bleach and sunshine. Fauci’s blunt insistence on continuing to relay facts rather than toe the line of whatever Trump was selling that week generated “fire Fauci” signs at some of the earliest … Read the rest

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Republican Legislative Members’ Actions Show They Believe the 143,000 Biden Ballots Dropped at 3am on Nov 4 Are Fine

Let’s face it, the Wisconsin Republican legislature is fine with the 2020 Presidential results in their state.  This shows in the manner they have addressed the massive fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. 

The Wisconsin legislature which is run by the Republicans has announced various actions in response to the illicit actions that occurred in the 2020 Election in their state.  According to local FOX11 the legislature wanted to address through new legislation, the following:

1. They want to ban municipalities from accepting outside grants for elections like those provided by Mark Zuckerman to various localities through a non-profit before the 2020 election.

2. They want to only allow absentee ballot drop boxes to be attached to the clerk’s office.

3. They want to allow election observers to stand within 3 feet of tables, rather than 3 to 8 feet away or not at all as occurred in 2020.… Read the rest

Biden administration will roll back Trump's weakening of Clean Water Act protections

The Biden administration is rolling back another Republican gift to polluters with an Environmental Protection Agency announcement that the Trump administration’s repeal of the Waters of the United States rule, crafted during the Obama administration, will itself be undone so that a new version of the rule can be crafted. This was expected; actually crafting a new version, though, will be the hard part.

In a New York Times report, however, EPA administrator Michael Regan suggests that a return to the exact Obama-era rule is unlikely. Instead, newly developed rules will take from “the lessons learned” by both the Obama and Trump versions.

The heart of the issue is a long-running battle over just what ought to count as the “waters” of the United States, when it comes to providing the anti-pollution protections of the Clean Water Act. The Obama administration’s rule greatly broadened the scope of the act by including … Read the rest