History helps us understand the body politic – The Oxford Eagle

Editor’s note. This is the first in a two-part series. The second can be found here..

In the beginning they were immigrants or pilgrims, fleeing an old world that no longer suited and seeking a new one. In time they became colonists, developing neighborhoods of the New World. As the complexity of shaping their new world grew, involvement with the Old World became more and more difficult to endure. And so, they became patriots, determined to have a life that suited their philosophy of independence, willing to fight for rights they considered natural. Finally, fitfully, with fragile steps, they became Americans, free of the encumbrances imposed by a foreign power which neither understood nor cared to understand what they considered of penultimate value: individual freedom.

Oh, that it had ended there, the pilgrim-colonist-patriot standing proud and strong as an American. Sadly, the drama had one more act to be

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Reflecting on the Body Politic, part 2 – The Oxford Eagle

Editor’s note: This is the conclusion of a two-part column on this topic. The first installment can be found here.

Since the middle of the last century, residents of the White House have spent more and more time in the last year of their terms either seeking reelection or seeking the election of their choice of successor, who unsurprisingly usually is in the president’s party. In the last week or two of a campaign, a president spends more hours in speeches and rallies for his party’s nominees than he does in the White House.  If the presidency is a daylong job every day of every week of every year, it must be asked what duties is he shunning? What is he overlooking in terms of the well-being of the whole country while he is stumping the country working for victory for his party colleagues? If he is seriously considering taking

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Trump Endorses Lisa Murkowski’s Top Primary Challenger Kelly Tshibaka For 2022

President Trump on Friday endorsed RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski’s top primary challenger Kelly Tshibaka for 2022.

Recall, Trump promised to travel to Alaska to campaign against dead weight RINO Lisa Murkowski.

“I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski. She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator,” Trump said in a statement to The Hill earlier this year. “Her vote to advance radical left democrat Deb Haaland for Secretary of the Interior is yet another example of Murkowski not standing up for Alaska.”

On Friday Trump said Murkowski has to go.

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New book catalogs how Trump worked to weaken American democracy, and to deliberately spread COVID-19

On February 26, 2020, Donald Trump uttered a phrase that, even in that moment, was both twisted and ridiculous. Speaking of the number of Americans who had tested positive for COVID-19, he said , “You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.” When Trump said this, it was clear that the disease was already circulating within the population, that the number infected was far above 15, and that the only direction things were moving was toward disaster.

A portion of that statement forms the title of author Jonathan Vankin’s new book Close to Zero. Books about Trump’s time in the White House have become common enough that it seems impossible to pass through a bookstore without coming across a stack offering to detail the chaos of dealing with Mr. Coke button on the Resolute Desk. If you … Read the rest

Top Virologists Admit Lying to American Public for Months on Likely Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Because They Didn’t Want to be Associated with President Trump

Alina Chan is a biologist at the Silver lab at the Harvard School of Medicine.

Chan is one of 18 scientists who finally admitted in the journal of Science last month that the Wuhan coronvirus likely originated in a Wuhan, China virology lab.

Chan says liberal scientists lied to the American public for months about their beliefs on the origination of the virus. They did this because they didn’t want to be associated with President Trump — who was right about the virus all along.

These people are disgusting!

Chan was one of 18 scientists who published a letter in the journal Science last month calling for a more in-depth investigation into the virus’s origin that takes into account theories about both natural occurrence and laboratory spillovers. The letter helped kick-start a new round of calls to investigate the “lab leak hypothesis,” including demands from President Joe Biden and several

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Drought is impacting every aspect of life in the Western United States, and it's going to get worse

A wave of dangerous heat has settled in across much of the western United States. In addition to straining electrical grids—even in states that didn’t deliberately isolate themselves from their neighbors—as huge areas grapple with triple-digit temperatures, the hot, dry, windy conditions represents an increased fire risk. The prolonged heat, high evaporation, and low rainfall are also exacerbating a severe and ongoing drought that is gripping many regions in the West. 

As horrible as the last few fire seasons have been in California, conditions are in place to make 2021 worse than anything that has come before. Those conditions extend well beyond the borders of the Golden State, and this is a phenomenon that extends well beyond a bad week or even a bad year. Across the West, the flow of water in streams and rivers is at record lows. So is the level of water stored in lakes and … Read the rest

MUST SEE: Rep. Paul Gosar DESTROYS Serial Liar Chris Wray — Demands Answers on Government Official’s “Execution” of Veteran Ashli Babbitt (Video)

FBI Chris Wray is a serial liar.

It is now clear that the FBI ran operatives leading the Jan. 6 protests and storming of the US Capitol.
On Tuesday Rep. Paul Gosar grilled Wray on the execution of Ashli Babbitt by a government official.
Wray had no answers and lied through his teeth.

Rep. Paul Gosar: That is disturbing. The Capitol Police officer who did this shooting of Ashli Babbitt appeared to be hiding, lying in wait gave no warning before killing her. Question again, why is that officer who executed Ashli Babbitt been named when police officers around the country are routinely identified after a shooting.

FBI Chief Wray: I won’t comment on that case. It’s not something we’ve been directly involved in so I can’t agree or disagree with your characterization.

Rep. Gosar: Do you approve of lethal force against unarmed citizens especially 110 pound women with no

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Biden-Putin meeting was 'constructive,' but no diplomatic breakthroughs

President Joe Biden met as scheduled today with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and there wasn’t much in the way of fireworks. Putin’s tone in his post-meeting press conference had considerably less “smug asshole having a good time” on his face than in his last meetings with an American president, go figure, but the general tone was of cautious optimism.

For Putin’s part, he called the meeting “very constructive” and announced that the two nations had agreed to return ambassadors to posts currently vacant. What he wasn’t willing to entertain, however, was any notion that his quasi-dictatorship needed to improve human rights in his country, stop the crackdown on opposition politicians and activists, or stop murdering enemies of the state outright.

Putin’s line on Navalny is basically that he deserves what he gets pic.twitter.com/Ilb2jDNc9t

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 16, 2021

It needs to be mentioned that Nalvany—whose name Putin refused … Read the rest

EXCLUSIVE: The Arizona Mirror – The Far-Left Outlet That Creates Far-Left Narratives in Arizona Is Connected to Dark Money

(Picture above from the Phoenix New Times shows the founders of the Arizona Mirror.)

The Arizona Mirror started in 2018 and although the entity claims it’s an independent nonprofit, it quickly showed its far-left roots in its reporting in the Phoenix area.

In September 2018, the Arizona Mirror launched in the Grand Canyon state.  The Phoenix New Times reported on this media outlet new to Arizona:

There’s a new media organization in town.

The Arizona Mirror launched on Tuesday with a staff of four journalists who previously worked for Arizona Capitol Times and the Arizona Republic.

The site describes itself as “an independent, nonprofit news organization focused on connecting public policy with the people it affects.” The Mirror intends to do the sort of watchdog journalism that has been on the decline with the newspaper industry. The small staff has high aspirations: amplifying voices. Shining lights. Holding public officials

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Pelosi inexplicably dithers over Jan. 6 committee, wants to give McConnell shot at burying it

It’s been more than two weeks since Sen. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans killed the bipartisan Jan. 6 commission with a filibuster. Without the filibuster it would have passed, easily. McConnell, however, counted on enough Republicans doing him the “personal favor” of killing the bill, and that’s what they did.

Immediately following that vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded like she was ready to do … something. She blasted Republicans, anyway. “Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans’ denial of the truth of the January 6th insurrection brings shame to the Senate. Republicans’ cowardice in rejecting the truth of that dark day makes our Capitol and our country less safe,” Pelosi said. “In not taking yes for an answer, Republicans clearly put their election concerns above the security of the Congress and country.”

But since then, she’s done little. She’s not even decided how to proceed with a larger inquiry. They’ll talk about … Read the rest