Ivy League University Offers Rock Climbing Class — No White Students Allowed

Cornell University was offering a racially-segregated rock climbing class for their students physical education — but no white students allowed.

The physical education class, “BIPOC Rock Climbing,” was originally slated to be restricted to “people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color.”

After Campus Reform reached out the university for comment about the discrimination, the course description was edited to state that the class is “designed to enable Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color underrepresented in the sport of rock climbing to learn the sport and to feel included and supported.”

The original listing for the course, set to begin during the Spring 2021 academic semester, was archived and can be viewed here.

“Graduates of this course will have the knowledge and skills to push themselves to new challenges while climbing safely and responsibly. We will also talk about BIPOC individuals and

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Another barrier shattered as Toni Breidinger becomes NASCAR’s first female Arab American driver

NASCAR, a sport historically dominated by white male drivers, just announced some big news. As Bubba Wallace became the first Black driver to lead a lap in the Daytona 500 race, Toni Breidinger made her Daytona debut in the Camping World Truck Series. As a result, Breidinger made history as the first female Arab American driver to participate in a national NASCAR race on Feb. 13. Breidinger, a known record-breaking driver, drove in the 2021 ARCA Menards Series season opener in Daytona, Florida, and placed 18th.  

“I’m honored and excited to be the first, but I don’t want to be the last,” Breidinger told CNN. “I hope I can pave the way for future female Arab drivers as well.” 

NASCAR announced her historic feature in a press release on Feb. 4. Prior to the race, she told NASCAR that while the race would be the biggest one of her career, she was … Read the rest

INSANITY: Crazy Biden Green Czar Pushes for More Chinese Wind Turbines After They Freeze Up During Historic Texas Cold Snap

A historic winter storm and cold blast caused chaos in Texas last week.

Power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas early on Monday morning and lasted for days. This meant hundreds of thousands of Texans are without electricity for short periods of time. Temperatures fell into the teens near Dallas and 20s around Houston.

According to reports nearly half of the wind energy is down in West Texas after the turbines froze.

Seven days later the data shows that wind-power was the chief cause of the massive power outage.

Via Zero Hedge:

With the worst of the Texas power crisis now behind us, the blame and fingerpointing begins, and while the … Read the rest

Vaccination process is frustrating, imperfect … and filled with small joys and triumphs

The coronavirus vaccine is still a ways away for a lot of us, and watching the myriad ways our states are making the vaccination process go slowly or inequitably has become one of the nation’s most infuriating pastimes. The glass is definitely half empty—there have been racial inequities in vaccination rates and indeed, focusing on people over 75 first created its own racial inequity, because Black people have a life expectancy below 75 in the U.S.; teachers are being pushed into in-person teaching without getting vaccinated first; grocery workers are similarly being left out despite having to work in person; and people are outright cheating. There’s a lot to be angry about. But at the same time, the glass really is half full here: 13.9{1b1a587643a9e9b1244ae3f96d242e13c62224c25ebdf73114e48122c41a7985} of the U.S. population has had at least one dose, and 6.5{1b1a587643a9e9b1244ae3f96d242e13c62224c25ebdf73114e48122c41a7985} have had both doses. More than 1.5 million shots a day are being administered. Vaccine production is increasing. Some areas have embarked on meaningful programs to fix racial inequities.

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IGNORED BY MEDIA AND FBI: Antifa-BLM Activists Are Posting Photos and Bragging Online About Storming US Capitol on Jan. 6

Earlier this week we asked the question:
“Can We Reform a FBI that Behaves Like a Gestapo?”

It is a legitimate question to raise because there are still some patriots serving within the ranks of the FBI who are beyond distraught over the gross politicization of their once proud, respected organization. Some of the men and women with 20 years in are simply counting days and hours until they can punch out. There is genuine, deep seated hatred for Christopher Wray and his coterie of lackeys eager to suckle on the teat of the Deep State.

The final straw for many in the bureau is the dishonest response to the January 6 swarm at the U.S. Capitol. For starters, the FBI had intelligence about Antifa’s plans to infiltrate the crowds of Trump supporters and incite violence. But the FBI also was manipulating some of the very groups labeled as “white

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Same Republicans peeling back rights of Black voters want them treated as gangs when they protest

Republican legislators throughout the country are practically churning out bills that although seemingly unrelated, would work together to suppress voting rights and criminalize activism. Following high voter turnout in communities of color and Black Lives Matter protests throughout the nation last summer, Republican legislators and prosecutors will have attacked the rights of people of color in state legislatures, courtrooms, and as early as next month, in the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Former Georgia congresswoman Stacey Abrams, also founder of the equity and voting rights organization Fair Fight Action, testified before a congressional committee on Thursday to call for federal legislation to protect communities of color being targeted. On the same day, Georgia activists marched in front of the state Capitol to advocate for those communities.

“The January 6th insurrection culminated from a nearly year-long misinformation campaign warning of a rigged election and a 20-year assault on voting rights centered around racist and often baseless allegations … Read the rest

Pelosi’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill Includes Up to $21,000 Bonus for Federal Workers Whose Kids or Family Members Are Impacted by Virus

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
— A famous line from George Orwell’s famous novel Animal Farm.

The US House is expected to vote on the Pelosi $1.9 Trillion COVID relief bill and Democrat wish list on Friday.

The bill is expected to give average Americans $1,400 each.

But if you work in government you can collect up to another $21,000 in a bonus!

The Democrat bill gives federal workers an extra $21,000 if they have kids out of school or loved ones affected by the coronavirus.

This is exactly what Socialist hellholes do — Government workers get the goodies as the rest of society suffers.

Forbes reported:

The U.S. House version of the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” – a $1.9 trillion emergency aid package to help America recover from the coronavirus pandemic has an extra perk for federal workers: Enhanced paid

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Republican delays to confirming Biden's Cabinet fall along familiar (racist, sexist) lines

If it looks to you like President Biden’s nominees who are women, people of color, or especially women of color, are facing more opposition in the Senate, that’s because … President Biden’s nominees who are women, people of color, or especially women of color are facing more opposition in the Senate.

The only nominee who currently looks in danger of being rejected is Neera Tanden, who would be the first woman of color to head the Office of Management and Budget, but who had “mean tweets.” Republicans who defended Donald Trump for four years and confirmed Twitter troll Richard Grenell to be ambassador to Germany—and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, who voted to confirm Grenell—are very upset about this, they claim. Generally, when it comes to nominees who aren’t white men, Republicans would like a great deal of credit for allowing the timely confirmation of Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin. However, the numbers tell a … Read the rest

UPDATE: New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office Wants to Take Custody of Windham Voting Machines – Take Them Away for Audit

As we previously reported at The Gateway Pundit —
A recent hand recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire, found that the Dominion-owned voting machines shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN by roughly 300 votes.

Via Facebook

The Dominion machine counted results were wrong for all 4 Republicans in Windham by almost exactly 300 votes.

Dominion Voting Systems owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote machines used in New Hampshire.

earlier this month we spoke with Dr. David Strang M.D., the Belknap County Republican Committee State Committee Member, for the New Hampshire GOP.

David told The Gateway Pundit that the Republican candidates in Windham had 6{1b1a587643a9e9b1244ae3f96d242e13c62224c25ebdf73114e48122c41a7985} of their total votes removed by the Dominion-owned voting machines.

According to Dr. Strang, these same Dominion-owned machines are used in 85{1b1a587643a9e9b1244ae3f96d242e13c62224c25ebdf73114e48122c41a7985} of the towns in New Hampshire.

What makes the New Hampshire 2020 results even more suspect:
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Minimum wage increase hangs in the balance, so here come the posturing and poison pills

A minimum wage increase goes before the Senate parliamentarian on Wednesday to find out if it passes muster for inclusion in the COVID-19 relief package being passed under budget reconciliation. Democrats feel good that a recent Congressional Budget Office analysis shows the measure has enough budget impact for reconciliation, allowing it to be passed by a simple majority vote. But even if the parliamentarian agrees, the plan for a $15 minimum wage in 2025 is in deep peril thanks to Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. So now the rush is on for senators to float proposals trying to make themselves look like heroes of the low-wage worker without, you know, supporting anything like an actual living wage.

Sens. Tom Cotton and Mitt Romney came out with a plan for a $10 minimum wage by 2025. This is pitifully low—in fact, Cotton’s own state of Arkansas has an $11 minimum wage right now, … Read the rest