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During my thirty years of owning and operating office equipment dealerships in Chicago, Indiana, and Wisconsin, my organizations have helped thousands of small and mid-sized clients acquire the right office equipment for their company’s unique requirements. Brief – A written statement prepared by one side in a lawsuit to explain to the court its view of the facts of a case and the applicable law. There are a number of courts to which judges can be appointed. They are selected based on their experience, ability and good character. Judges are appointed by the Judicial Appointments Commission. To become a judge, you must have had a number of years’ work experience in the courts as a barrister or solicitor. Indigency – Financial inability to hire a lawyer or pay court costs. Defendant – In a civil case, the person being sued. In a criminal case, the person charged with a crime. … Read the rest

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Apparently, we have a tremendous problem on our hands. 51 Crown Prosecution Service The CPS was established following the 1982 Philips Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure, which identified serious inconsistencies and failings in the legal capacity and decisions to prosecute of the police forces. See Paul Rock, ‘Victims, Prosecutors and the State in Nineteenth Century England and Wales’ (2004) 4(4) Criminal Justice 331, 343-4. Take, for instance, the person who comes home to find that their home has been broken into while they were away and their television, stereo and other belongings have been taken. They phone the police and proclaim, I’ve been robbed!” In fact, since they were not home and the belongings were not taken from their person or the immediate vicinity of their person, they were not robbed; rather, their home was burglarized. The confusion is understandable, since people watch a lot of television and actors often … Read the rest

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Whether you choose to work at home or within a large company, the appearance of your office can play a major role in your success and work ethic. In the first half of the 19th century, early socialist thinkers like Henri de Saint-Simon, Robert Owen and Charles Fourier presented their own models for reorganizing society along the lines of cooperation and community, rather than the competition inherent in capitalism, where the free market controlled the supply and demand of goods. To distinguish itself from Communism, European Socialists describe themselves as ‘Democratic Socialists’ (not to be confused with Socialist Democrats) e.g. Social Democrats is a form of Liberalism (similar to Democrats in the USA). Genealogy, in MLM speak, means the relation between you, your upline, and your downline. Thus, this “platform” that Mr. Budd referred to, “MarketVision”, is probably something developed by Direct Sales Software Inc. (same building), and probably also … Read the rest

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The phrase “assault and battery” is widely misunderstood. Despite the chaos and a Communist Party boycott, 83 percent of German voters (including women for the first time) turned out in January 1919 to elect a National Assembly. The purpose of this body was to write a new constitution and negotiate a peace treaty with the victorious Allied Powers. Office Depot® has partners with industry-leading suppliers to help schools implement the new state standards in education. We feature more than 1,600 products and services aligned to rigorous, new standards that support professional development and provide teachers with the necessary strategies to get students ready for college and careers. Let’s work together to discover how we can be a source for materials to ensure student success. But that’s nothing new in American politics. Consider LBJ and his penis fixation. Clinton having sex in the oval office. J E Hoover and his gross … Read the rest

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When purchasing office supplies it’s sometimes tempting to go a bit nuts and buy things you ‘think you might need in the near future’; well, if you don’t need them currently probabilities are you won’t need them in the future also. Moving Party: The person making the request to the court in a case. From the outset, however, it was not entirely clear whether labour-management theory was seeking to model the Yugoslav economic system, to analyse in a formal way the behaviour of workers’ cooperatives, or was a purely theoretical construct to illustrate the implications of alternative ownership and incentive arrangements, since the single theoretical framework based on Ward’s original assumptions underlined all three strands (Estrin and Uvalić, 2008). Despite these ambiguities, for a long time many scholars regarded the ‘Illyrian firm’ as representing the Yugoslav enterprise, not taking sufficiently into account other features of the Yugoslav economy. The U.S. … Read the rest

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Going green at home is something everyone who watches television has probably heard plenty about. Non-joinder: If a person who should have been a party to legal proceedings has been omitted, the court may amend the pleadings to include the non-joined party. 2001 – Afghanistan. International Campaign Against Terrorism. 2,000 personnel was reduced to 1,000 in 2002 under this American led international mission to remove the Taliban from government in Afghanistan and support a democratic government. Our troop numbers enlarged again in 2003 when NATO assumed command. The plan approved April 2nd of this year also seeks to streamline Communist Vietnam’s press environment, limiting government bodies to one newspaper and one magazine, with a shift to electronic rather than print forms, and with the Vietnamese Communist Party E-Newspaper” and the Central Propaganda Committee serving as the core” of the country’s press structure. In the Germany before the rise of Hitler, … Read the rest

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You or your near and dear ones need not be faced with a criminal lawsuit to know important things about criminal offenses. They are usually the first point of contact for a person seeking help with a legal problem. They provide advice on topics ranging from business procedures or making a will to real estate transactions and criminal matters. Solicitors practise in various areas of law and can work in a variety of employment situations – sole practitioners, small partnerships, medium and large firms and other areas such as corporate law (working for a particular business or company) and in government. Najibullah pursued a policy of National Reconciliation with the opposition, a new Afghan constitution was introduced in 1987 and democratic elections were held in 1988 (which were boycotted by the mujahideen). After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1988-1989, the government faced increasing resistance. 1990 proved to be a … Read the rest

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SALT LAKE CITY — State senators engaged in a lively debate Wednesday over the meanings of democracy, republic and even socialism in the American form of government. It is all about making people do what they do not want to do. People naturally want to be FREE. And without Economic Freedom you are not free. In the end the Socialist State builds the first walls in human history not designed to keep invaders out but to keep its own citizens from fleeing. To MAKE them stay where they do not want to stay. One of the main corporate jobs is at a call center. These individuals provide service to customers to help answer important questions and provide tech support for products. These centers offer more than just phone call operations however. You can get a job as an installation sales man, service positions, and more. If you want something like … Read the rest

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Criminal law can be generally defined as the branch of law that majorly classifies crimes, treats of their nature, and provides best effective ways or approaches that can be followed for their punishment. The US is a Republic, which is not a direct Democracy. A direct democracy is rule by people, not law. Our nation is ruled by law, with our federal government being severely restricted to minimal number of powers or granted authority. In our philosophy of government (at least that of the founders), the government only is authorized to do those things the people consent for them to do, with that consent being revocable by the people. I keep seeing Bernie Sanders coming up in the news, as a possible candidate for President of the United States. He is what some have called a democratic socialist.” For those of you who don’t know what that means, a democratic … Read the rest

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The metaphorical lines drawn between self-defense and assault are blurred for most people. With reference to your fourth paragraph: The one video I did look at on the right-sidebar link (‘Economic Calculation in a Socialist Society’) clearly proves in its opening sentence that it’s intention is to discredit ALL forms of Socialism as being undesirable (propaganda) simply because the statement it makes in its opening sentence is specific to Marxism, Trotskyism and other forms of Communism, and makes NO attempt to distinguish these forms of Socialism from the more moderate forms of Socialism in Britain (and Europe) that has nothing to do with Communism. In these times of Corona lockdown, German government organized travel exceptions for Eastern European farm workers and invited them to come and work. Another fact: one million plus refugees from Africa and the Middle East, no rise in crime rate. Things don´t come out as people … Read the rest