Whether you are a past offender, currently facing criminal charges, or have a clean record, these criminal law tips are facts that everyone needs to know. preventive war begins with no grounds in international law. The challenge, the treat can be invented or imagined and is not proven or evident. The point is that America calls it a new norm; to do this America has to select a defenseless target e.g. Afghanistan and Latter Iraq; and to prepare the stage for such wars they had to frighten American people that Bin laden or Saddam Hussein are a treat to their existence. American imperialism has deep roots in its history and has close relationship with perception of white supremacy and racism. This ideology can be traced back to Christian Crusades, latter colonization of African countries and Latin America. The Declaration of Independence and latter the American constitution confirms this supremacy. Regarding U.S. -Indian treaties, white supremacy was the rationalization and ideology behind theft of Native American lands. So, the very origins of the United States are imperialistic. If you already have a computer, a word processing program and a printer, your start-up cost is minimal. You can start your secretarial business and provide typing work with some basic office supplies and buy additional equipment or software later when a project requires it. Jury Charge: The judge’s formal instructions on the law to the jury before it begins deliberations. Yugoslavs also worked in an environment which was more democratic than in other socialist countries, because self-management, despite its limitations, for many years did give workers the feeling that they could participate both in decision-making and in enterprise profits (Uvalić, 1992, pp. 214-215). The Yugoslav experience was a concrete and unique example of economic democracy applied to the whole economy; The Yugoslavs have shown that democratic control of the workplace is feasible” (Estrin, 1983, p. ix). But King didn’t publicly identify as a member of an American socialist party. You write, Your belief that globalism aims to eliminate national borders is your own delusion.” You think is just means trade. Nonsense. There has been global trade for a long time. I have a handy thing known as a dictionary. GLOBALISM: 1) the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations. the elimination of borders being the ultimate goal. 2) a political principle which transcends Nationalism. INTERNATIONALISM. ECHR article 6 also has inherent limits. While important specific guarantees are provided for fairness in criminal proceedings, its wider protection is expressly limited to the determination of ‘civil rights and obligations’. This protects administrative decisions that affect rights but are not court or tribunal proceedings. However, some public decisions are outside the scope of protection offered by article 6, including, for example, expulsion, citizenship or nationality decisions and tax disputes. In this regard, the protection offered by article 47 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial) – which has no such limitation – is important (see, for example, LH Bishop Electric Co Ltd and others v HMRC Commissioners 2013 UKFTT 522 (TC) ). If successful, a Charter challenge pursuant to the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA) might see incompatible primary legislation disapplied, a remedy not available to either the common law or the HRA (Benkharbouche and Janah v Embassy of the Republic of Sudan and Libya 2015 EWCA Civ 33 ).